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  1. Bevan


    Very nice work mate ,,, you have just taken it to a new level !!!! Cheers Bevan www.bwrwhips.com
  2. Gday Nick I make a resizer/beveller tool If you want a look at it go my website. click on leather care & tools there is a link to you tube Cheers Bevan www.bwrwhips.com
  3. I am an aussie and will be going spot lighting tomorrow night ,, so tell me what colours you want and i will see if i can get them for you !!! cheers Bevan
  4. Ego !!! No mate , not at all !!!! Our customers buy our gear for what evey reason they want it for ,,, most want to use it for what we make it for ,,, some want to hang it on the wall and use it as art ,,, who is wrong and who is right ???? I think they can do what ever they want with it..as long as the dont wreck it !! cheers www.bwrwhips.com
  5. Bevan

    Bridle And Reins

    Very nice work Mate ,,, yes i can see the shabbie work you have done ,,, but but but still very nice ,,, lol Cheers mate
  6. We could'nt wait for tonight ,,, so we did it Sunday !!!

  7. Bevan

    First Bosal

    What size is it and how many strings did you use to cover the core ?? Very nice work Toni thanks for sharing Cheers www.bwrwhips.com
  8. life is good today

  9. Toes in the water , ass in the sand not a worry in the world ,a cold beer in the hand !!,

  10. You have two rows of stiching on the bottom and 1 on the top , which i like ,,, but your feture piece is the snake print which is off set to the top up against a line that makes it look too off set !!!! thats only my opinion mate ,,, but nice work all the same , I know pictures seem to show a little , some times alot more than the eye does see !!! How did you do your edgers ??? Spinner from this forum has a great little tool that I am sure you will want one if you dont have one already !! Thanks for posting Cheers Bevan www.bwrwhips.com
  11. Bevan


    Gday all , good subject !!! I use a brass needle that the leather screws into the end and I tie my buttons /knots straight onto the job , I try to keep an even amout of tention as I form my knot towards the end the knot gets very tight , but out of habit I will see if I can get it any tighter with my fib , then roll it and cut With my nosebuttons on my bosals 32 strand , 4 strings 8 bite then interweave , I have not had to retighten one yet because as I said I try to keep even tention and as you form the knot it becomes very tight So I dont know what the answer is but sometimes I do have to sometimes I dont and sometimes I just do out of HABIT !!!!! It might just have to be up to you !!! Cheers Bevan www.bwrwhips.com
  12. YEAHAAA You go to the top of the class Now that is much better Annette Cheers Bevan Ps ,,, keep posting tho ,,, that might have been a fluke!!!!!!!
  13. Now that is some bloody lovely work you have done there mate !!!!! Cheers Bevan www.bwrwhips.com
  14. Yes indeed ,,,, very classy , When you ; go to forum then scrolll down to Braiding , a lot of braides might miss it if not in this section and a tutorial would be very nice to see !! As i said ,, very classy work Cheer www.bwrwhips.com
  15. Gday mate I agree with Chris , if you just take a beez dick off your lace and leave the foundation the same I am sure you will get it spot on Also were your black string is covered have a good look , from what I think I can see you have gone over 2 ,under 2, over 1 under 3 ??? over 2 that is in your first picture of your long button from the left hand side !! then i think it looks like you have gone over three with your black string on the right hand side Not sure because I do need glasses Please let me know , I will get some tomorrow Bevan
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