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  1. Excellant post and a great job!! I am about to start my first 1/2 seat loop saddle (1880's stock saddle) and I am extremely anxious...Nice tooling and stamping....Stay with it and Merry Christmas in Austria. Jeff
  2. Fabulous work Dave! Maybe the novices are just overwhelmed with the creativity here? I will be starting a dash cover for my '02 Scout this weekend and will post my progress, first try at biker stuff so I may as well learn on my own stuff? Next over the winter will be a seat. Jeff
  3. Thanks for the tips ! I can't seem to figure out how to shrink the pictures??
  4. I did a double thicknesss welt and a nylon wear block on the top of the lower edge! Thanks! Every little project I try to work on some little thing to inprove on. Jeff
  5. Looks like you got bit just like the rest of us! Really nice job for your first! this is such a great venue for inspiration. Keep up the great work. Jeff
  6. Here is a sheath I finished for my son for his belt saw.
  7. I am still pluggin away trying to improve my technique! This is my latest try at a holster for my .22 sixshooter. I can't get better without feedback ??
  8. I got into the craft to explore what I can create with my brain and two hands, part of the joy is creating certain hands tools as I need them, learning the swivel knife and the never ending practice of hand stitching ! Bottom line is my shop is quiet and peaceful with a little background of soft classic rock which seems to foster the creative process after watching you guys / gals here foe inspiration. Peace / jeff
  9. I just started doing the flame thing and I like it , keep it up , your stuff is great. I handstitch everything and try to offset my thread color with the colors of my stuff. I urge you to try hand stitching, it's very slow but Oh so rewarding when you tie off that last stitch. Nice work! Jeff
  10. Welcome aboard !! I just finished my first gunbelt as well for an 1860 Army BP. At least I know where i have to aspire to!! Happy New Year, Jeff
  11. The knives are super!! Keep up the good leather work, carving is great and will get better with each new piece!! Jeff
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