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  1. Thanks so much Wizcraft for that very thorough info, very helpful !
  2. Hello I have an old-ish Singer machine (a fashion Mate model #237), it sews leather pretty good until you need to go through several layers. So I know I need to look into getting another machine. I want to get a machine that I can sew a tube (a sleeve) made from two pieces of material - that comes together with TWO topstitched seams length-wise. I can do one topstitched seam down the length but the other seam is just a simple one (turned inside out and sewn). The second topstitched seam is impossible because it has to be done on the outside and there is not enough room (obviously?) , the needle will not sew up inside of the sleeve. I was wondering what kind of machine I'd need to look at to do this. What would you be looking to buy without spending a fortune if that's even possible. Thanks in advance !
  3. Thanks, I'm glad I found this place and look forward to learning a ton from you guys. ~ Doug

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