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  1. I've never used it, but have read good things about it on here. Just dug up a thread about it. Paul
  2. Have some round/head knives for sale. They're sharp and ready to use. Prices are plus shipping, which should likely be $8 to $9. I'm only shipping to the U.S. at this time. #1 is a Gomph that measures 4 1/2 inches wide. Blade and ferrule are tight in the handle. $120. #2 is another Gomph. This one measures 4 7/8th inches wide. Blade and ferrule are tight. Someone lightly scratched the name "G.B. Sullivan" in the blade. Also, on that side in the ferrule are stamped the initials J.J.P. $120 #3 is a William Rose that measures 5 1/8th inches wide. Has a crack in the ferrule. Blade and ferrule are tight. $120 #4 is a William Rose that measures about 5 1/16th inches wide. The markings are mostly gone. You can just see the remnants of the "W.Rose" over "West Phila" Markings. Really just enough to tell that's what it is. I bought it believing from the looks of the blade, ferrule, and handle, that it was a Rose. Was pleasantly surprised to find the remnants of the markings while sanding the blade. It has a small crack in the handle, and the blade is a little crooked (by about 2 to 3 degrees) but the blade and ferrule are tight. If you'd like to try a crazy sharp Rose, here's a good opportunity. $85 #5. Here's a very rare Henckels round knife. It measures 4 7/8th inches wide. The ferrule has some movement fore and aft, but the blade is tight. $150 #6 is another Henckels (I've actually managed to acquire 3 Henckels over the years). This one measures 5 1/4th inches wide. The ferrule has some movement. There's also some very very slight movement in the handle. I've never felt it while cutting with it. The letter "W" is stamped on one side of the ferrule. $150 Paul
  3. Check with Panhandle Leather. Their website states they have pre-cut boot vamps and counters of ostrich available. Might be big enough for your holster project (the boot vamps anyway. I think counters are pretty small). https://www.panhandleleather.com/OSTRICH-Skins-OL-04.htm You might also want to give John Fong a call, as he often cuts exotics for a specific project. His number is: (415) 441-3519 Paul
  4. Over the years, I've managed to acquire three Henckels round knives. Since they're so rare, I figured some of you might like to see them all in one pic: One has the name, as well as the Twin Works logo. The other two have just the Twin Works logo. The markings on one are mostly wiped away, but not enough that you can't tell what it is (that one is also not in it's original handle). Paul
  5. Searching here on Leatherworker, the most commonly recommended material for press molding things like holsters, is 1 inch thick natural gum rubber at 40 durometer hardness. The least expensive I've seen it is here: https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/31934656 You can get it in 12 x 12 on there, but it's a little cheaper to get it in a 12 x 24 sheet and cut it in half. Paul
  6. Bill said it pretty much as well as I can. Probably wasn't made that way by Rose, but over the many decades, it's been sharpened to where it's not quite as round any longer. I've seen some of those triangular ones as well Bill. Some of them look pretty useful, and I often wonder if a previous owner didn't re-shape their knife on purpose. I've noticed that knives with a bit more of a point in the center do a bit better at skiving, than a purely round knife. I've seen that quote about Rose before, and it's pretty true. I have a Henckels that holds it's edge for a long time as well, and Gomphs are well known for that also. Never had a problem with a good ole' Osborne (either Newark or early Harrison) holding it's edge for a good while for that matter. Paul
  7. W.Rose #2 is still available, as I never heard back from the interested party. Paul
  8. #3 (The nice little Osborne) is sold. #2 (W.Rose) is on hold. Will update when sold. Paul
  9. I've made holsters for the DW ECO. It's simply a 3.5 inch (aka Officer's length) 1911. Doesn't require a special dummy gun. I use my Colt Commander blue gun for molding holsters for it. The dust cover is the same length. The muzzle sticks out .75 inch during molding, but that's all. Of course if you're doing a closed toe holster, it would be an issue. If you're doing closed toe holsters for the 3.5 inch length 1911, you could buy a Commander dummy and cut off the extra length to make a 3.5 inch specific dummy. Paul
  10. Looks like they're still in business to me. The links on their website are working on my end. Their facebook page has a couple posts from them in December. Try giving them a call. The number on their site is (972) 262-3101. I tried looking for their email, but it's a contact form on the website, and obviously that's not working for you. Here's their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BogleIndustrialSewingMachines/ I don't know anything about your machine, sorry. Paul
  11. I use denatured alcohol to thin either Fiebing's or Angelus alcohol based dyes. Paul
  12. I know this thread is several weeks old, but if you still need a small head knife, I just listed some knives in the "Items For Sale" section, under "Knives, Blades, and Things That Cut". One of the knives is a little Osborne head knife that's right at 3.5 inches from tip to tip: leatherworker.net/forum/topic/73033-round-and-head-knives-wroses-and-osbornes/ Paul
  13. I've got some round/head knives for sale. Prices are plus shipping. #1 is a Newark marked Osborne. This knife if really nice and heavy, with a really gorgeous handle. Blade is 5 inches wide. There's slight movement of the blade in the handle, though I don't notice it when using it. Sharp and ready to use. $80 #2 is a really nice William Rose. Blade is just shy of 5.75 inches wide. Blade and ferrule are nice and tight. Sharp and ready for use. $120 #3 is a neat little Newark marked Osborne that's great for sharp curves. Blade is 3.5 inches wide. Sharp and ready to use. $70 #4 is interesting. It's a William Rose. The blade is just shy of 5 inches. I showed it to Bruce Johnson some time back, and he thinks it's in a different handle (likely an Osborne). The blade is nice and tight in the handle. It has a bit of gunk on it, possibly some red paint. I was anxious to use the knife, so sharpened it up instead of cleaning the blade. There's a crack in the handle where the pin (which is missing) goes through. Someone scratched the year "1893" into the wood of the handle, and also scratched several state abbreviations into the brass ferrule (I assume indicating different places they worked while a leather worker). States include, PA, VA, MD, IN, IL, MO. Also, not visible in the picture above the "PA" are the initials "H.H." Possibly the previous owners initials. Not perfect, but cuts wonderfully. If you'd like to try Rose steel, without paying "Rose Prices" this one will do nicely. Sharp and ready to use. $80 Paul
  14. Got the S&W Governor in the mail today. Thanks for the fast shipping! Paul
  15. Davis, I'll take the S&W Governor, if it's still available. Email inbound. Paul
  16. That's a nice looking knife. I really like the striping in the handle! Aaron Crawford is a known leather tool maker. I've seen some tools with his name along with Sauerbier's name. Bruce Johnson has a bit of info on his website, in his "My Collection" album. Here's the link: brucejohnsonleather.com/about-me/my-tool-collection/ It's the box that's second from the bottom row on the left (at least on my computer display). Paul
  17. Having them split it usually adds right around a week, as there is a line of orders waiting for a turn at the splitter. Most of my orders that get split ship in 7 to 9 days from calling, though it has taken longer on occasion. Paul
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