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  1. you can also roll the edges. I do this when I work with chrome tanned leather.
  2. Here are a couple new wallets I completed recently. Long wallet Herman Oak with kangaroo lace as always nylon lined pockets to keep cards in place. The monster inlay with rolled edge made with chrome tanned leather and lined pockets.
  3. this is 5" by 9.5" I skive the 2 (5") edges 1/4" and the top 1" for the rolled edge. I make from 3/4 oz Herman Oak leather.
  4. These were made for some of my employees. KIC Refrigeration hence the "KIC" They are a prototype as this is an inlay with heavy duck canvas wrapped around a foam koosie.
  5. Thanks RamRod Billybopp Thanks It's hot as hell where I live during summer and I need all the help I can get!!!
  6. So I decided to make another koozie and this is what happened. I used 3/4 leather skived 3 sides and rolled the lip.
  7. Here is another belt I completed recently. I sandwiched some heavy duck canvas between 2 pieces of HO 5/6 oz leather. It came out well except I camo off my mark with the sewing machine........ugh!!!
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