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  1. LOL... true about genuine It is indeed no real leather! About the splitmachine, you can put different rolls on it, do you need this for different kind of leathers?
  2. Thanks guys. I found the operators instruction manual at Randall-Campbell. Thanks for the tip... The 600$ machine was not good anymore. It had some broken pieces since it fell of a trailer. I can't trust if it is still good. ButI found another one like this, for the price of 1200$. It looks much better then the previous one. Does anyone know if I can split all kind of leathers with this split machine? (full grain, genuine, ...) Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks all for the great comments. It is indeed vegetable tanned leather, for the finish I only use leather oil. The client wanted his bag as natural as possible. I first was thinking of lining it, but I decided not to do this as I'm more from the principle, 'less is more'. The less you have, the less that can brake... I did put a resolene finish on the inside of the bag so you have less crumbs... What kind of lining would you guys propose for this kind of bag ? It was a lot of work, but the result makes this good ... Below you find the back of the camera bag with a zipper and my makers mark. The mark at the front is the mark from the profesional photographer.
  4. I already visited the machine, the overall condition is good, not as good as the one I showed in topic. But still... The only problem is that I can't see it working because there is a power issue. I took an electrician with me, and he assured me that the electrical problem can be solved easily... A manual or something, for this kind of machine would be helpful of course. Does anyone think I can find it ?
  5. I have the possibility to buy a Fortuna Model 620: 12″ Bandknife Splitting Machine for less then 600$. Similar as the one in the picture I attached. Does anyone have experience with this kind of splitting machine ? Even better, does anyone have a manual for this kind of machine ? Any tips or recommendations are welcome !!!
  6. I designed and created this bag for a professional photographer in Belgium. There is space for a 13inch laptop, camera and 2 lenzes, at the back there is a zipper for paper work. 2 front pockets and 2 pen holders.
  7. About the knife sheath, it can be carried horizontally on your belt on the back. The other options you see: space for a fire steel, when opening with the snap button it flips open automaticly because of the elastic, it can also be carried next to your leg with a dangler and using the leather cord around your leg to keep it steady, ... The edge is really smooth, except my pciture doesn't show that.. I'm a leather worker, not a really good photographer Thanks for the comment btw Maybe you can have a better look at the edge on this pic:
  8. Hi all, I'm a leather worker in Belgium. I mostly do customized hand work, all hand sewed. I also do all kind of reparations on leather articles that customers bring to me (shoes, handbags, horse gear, ...) I will post here a summary of my work later on. Nice forum btw... Greets, Wim 'bonk' “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open” – Frank Zappa “Without deviation progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa
  9. Hello all, I'm a leather worker in Belgium and below you will find some of my projects. All made for customers. Feel free to comment. Greetings Bonk www.leersnijder-zappas.be https://www.facebook.com/LeersnijderZappas/
  10. Hi there I have recently bought an Adler 5-27 heavy tread sewing machine (like the pics). It is a really nice sewing machine with lots of options. I'm currently testing it, but I was wondering if anyone has a manual of this machine or any idea where I can find a manual for the machine ? Does anyone know if you can sew with waxed tread on this sewing machine ? What do these numbers actual mean? Adler 5-27 what means 5 what means 27 I also have a durrkop CL 18-1 repairing sewing machine, what does mean 18 and 1 ? Thanks in advance. Wim
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