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  1. Thank you all so much! This has been invaluable! I just ordered from thread exchange!
  2. Please have pity on a newbie. I have a Singer 17-1 which lists the required needle size as 16 x 2. I have done some research to learn that the “new” designation for a 16 x 2 is 2047-71. But I haven’t been able to find a correlation to the 100/16, 90/14 etc sizing. I am going to use it for inlays and overlays in light leather, any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  3. Please let me know if the gentleman coming on Sat doesn't want the machine. If he does then I will order the standard package Cobra, I guess.
  4. I read somewhere in a Leathercrafters & Saddler's journal about this issue. If I read it right, it's a REAL big no-no. A federal no-no. The article was pertaining to a pocket holster that had a hole cut out to reach the trigger without pulling the gun from the holster, but I think it would also pertain to this kind of purse carry.
  5. Im starting to make concealed carry purses with a lighter upholstery leather. I currently make western holsters with a Tippman Boss. The leather for the purse is lighter and finished differently. I have a line on a Pfaff 260 flatbed machine that does more than straight stitches. Would this be a good choice? If not, what would be a suggestion? Thanks for your help!
  6. Anyone have any experience or opinions on the Techsew GA 1-5R with the servo motor and speed reducer? I am making holsters- never more than 8-9 ounce leather, doubled over. Most of the time, it's 6-7 ounce. It has a clearance of 1/2" under the walking foot, which is just barely clearance for my heaviest leather projects. I like had sewing, but am getting behind on orders, so am looking for a reasonable sewing machine. I wouldn't being using it continuously- only about once or twice a week for a few hours at a time.
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