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  1. Well, guys, I have to agree...but, my empahsis has always been on working knives and utilitarian sheaths...especially for a 12 year old. He weas this one out, and I'll make him a prettier one. Even my personal knife...a Helle #99 blade.( I love the Scandinavian form factor,even modded for contemporary tastes. Desert Ironwood handle with Cocobolo end cap, reconstituted Turquoise and Bone Corian. I didn't have Bloodwood thin enough for the spacers, soooo...vulcanized fiber!. Anyway, the sheath is also somewhat utilitarian: I got a really good deal on a black Stingray hide, and laminated it to 6oz. tooling shoulder. It didn't water form as well as I had hoped, and the perimeter hand stitching! Hoo boy! My fingers were sore for a week! But, I am happy with it for my first (and likely last) attempt with $tingray! Hey, if it was easy everybody could do it!
  2. Not ornate, just utilitarian. A knife and sheath I just completed for my grandson's 12th birthday. He is an avid hunter.
  3. sniper

    Casing Leather

    Bob; Thanks much for your clear and understandable explanation! That is one area I have been having a fit with...casing. Seems like it's wet... wait...tap tap tap...spray...wait..., and the burnishing is not what I would like. Soooo.. I'm going to try your couldn't hurt!
  4. sniper

    Greetings From Utah!

    Welcome from another Utahn! That is a fine -looking Schmidt-Rubin you have there!
  5. sniper

    Clamping leather

    I had a problem with my spring clamps marking the leather when I glued up a project. First, I used pieces of paint stirring sticks between the clamp and the leather. Now, I have a couple of pieces of scrap cut to generally fit knife sheaths or holsters,and I use them. Seems to work just fine so far.
  6. sniper

    Some Of My First Projects

    Thanks; If I remember correctly, I modified the .45 pattern from Stohlman's "How to Make Holsters" book to make this one, because I didn't like the other choices.
  7. sniper

    Some Of My First Projects

    Thank you both! With the information I can glean from the forums, I look forward to improving my skills.
  8. sniper

    Are you metric or not? Why?

    And a long ton is 2200 lbs. And a click is 1/4 inch at 100 yards, or some smdidgen below 100 meters... KIlograms, kilowatts, kilometers, gigaframmises, shakes...Will it never end???
  9. sniper

    Are you metric or not? Why?

    I prefer real numbers, thank you very much! The only thing I can come up with in metric is 10 kilometers=~6 miles....but only after some mental gymnastics,and if it is an irregular number like 9, or 235...forget it!.
  10. sniper

    Guitar Case - Work In Progress

    Nice work, and it looks like da Kitty has found a new bed!
  11. sniper


    That makes me want to run right out and buy a set of spurs, and I don't even own a horse, or a pair of boots! NICE!
  12. sniper

    Tandy Free Craftool

    The owner of my leather shop says Tandy discontinued the "buy one, get one free" program some time ago. I got about everything I needed before they did, tho. I got one from the latest Skiver, and will wait for the half price sales to pick up the couple may need.
  13. sniper

    Greeting From Czech Rep.

    VERY nice! That is one BEAUTIFUL saddle!
  14. sniper

    Casing Leather

    Bob; Thanks for the information. It will remove some of the frustration I have experienced in my attempts to case leather properly.
  15. sniper

    Thank You Everyone..!

    Hey, Boats: Nice job. Never thought of an XD in a Buscadero style holster rig, but it works for me! You did good!