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  1. Bonjour,

    I´m from Germany and I have 2 heavy material sewing machines for horse rugs or leather work for sale - maybe you are interested.

    One is an Adler 4-4 and the other one is a Singer 45K92

    I can send picture and even a demonstration video. Shipping would be not problem, I can ship by freight forwarder - in case you are interested.

    Best regards


    1. marronne



      Thanks for the message.  Only just read it !  I didn't get a notification :(  I've now bought a Singer 29k58 and a Claes Atlas.

      Could you send photos of your machines anyway and with how much you're looking for, for each of them?

      I'm currently looking for needles for my Atlas - they're like harpoons at 8cm long and about 2mm wide !

      Best regards