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  1. Thy this tool for making you own copper rivets from copper wire. I'm a machinist by day and I moonlight making these rivet tools. You can find them at heromount.com or on etsy or ebay. Thanks.
  2. I make a tool that helps you turn copper wire into copper rivets. If this sounds useful to you please check them out at heromount.com or on etst or ebay....thankls
  3. I recently started making these rivet jigs for personal use and for friends. They seem to be popular so I am adding them to the products my small machine shop makes. They help you make copper rivets out of #6 bare copper electrical wire. Using a ball peen hammer you can make flat head or dimpled head styles. Dome head rivets can be made using a normal rivet setting tool. My website is http://heromount.com...pper-rivet-jig/ Thanks
  4. What type of bark did you use? Is that the natural color or was some kind of additional dye used?
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