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  1. Thanks Peter! That's what I was hoping to find out.
  2. Hey There ~ I'm making a steampunkish pouch and wondered if the tandy pin clasp (see link below) is secure when turned upside down. I'm guessing 'no' but I suppose there's a chance that the pin can be pushed in tight enough to secure the bag if it gets tossed around. Thanks for your help!
  3. This is a very useful thread as I am just now gathering the info to make a rifle scabbard. Cabela's and others seem to think fleece is fine. 1. If not fleece, what synthetic liners might you recommend? 2. What about lining with Veg tan and periodically treating it? As always, thank you very much for the generous gift of sharing your knowledge and experience!
  4. Hey there – Could anyone recommend what type of thread I should use for making a leather oven mitt? I'd imagine some sort of wool thread. If that's the case where might I find it? Thanks!
  5. Those arm guards are fantastic! I was wondering if the underside of the armguard has the smooth side or the flesh side of the veg tan leather against one's arm? The tiger stripe stingray picture appears to have the fleshy side of the vegetarian leather against the forearm. The sewing pattern is awesome. It looks just great! Out of curiosity, what do you sell these for?
  6. Great job! Japanese dragons are some of my favorite types of artwork. If you don't mind me asking, is some of that airbrushed? Or is that all regular brush blending? Also I'm curious how you sealed it since presumably it's going to get some considerable wear and tear from denim. Thanks!
  7. MTH

    The Red Book Of Westmarch

    Steve ~ What kind of design are you thinking for the cover? The same as the classic Red Book cover?Or something of your own? Are you going to stamp the leather? Whatever way you plan to attack this encounter, it's highly unlikely that'll you'll roll a 20 on the first swing, you should really consider spending some skill points err I mean practice on some scrap first. Keep this thread going. I'd love to see how this progresses.
  8. MTH

    Sole Proprietor,llc,corporation?

    I second the question. I'd like to know as well. Thanks! I second the question. I'd like to know as well. Thanks!