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  1. yes josh i exactly see what you mean and that was my plan "B" if i did not find them
  2. hello guys! I need your help on that one. I am not even sure what is he real name for that stuff . I am looking those kind of buckles on western bridle which allowes a quick change of the bit weaver does not sell them Have you any ideas where i can buy them? I would need that for a customer I include there a picture of it (sorry it is not terrific quality) if it is any help thanks Aurelie
  3. Bruce, i am not sure to understand well preciselly what you are telling me. If you can rephrase it , it would be nice. what do you mean by : do you mean that 's easier to set up your "tension" when pulling on a seat for example? I do understand that Ron's stand can turn on itself (a bit like a stool) but i can't remember if you can incline the "bed" (where the saddle sit) fontward/backward (noze down or butt up ) or sideways like the weaver one I have an advertisement of Ron's (that i got in sheridan in 2012 and can't see that info on it) not easy to make a choice..... Do you (guys) have a cantle binding sewing attachement ? It perplexes me and i was wondering if this metal bar was going to be enough stable? I like some stuff on the weaver one and i like some stuff on Ron's one...... i guess that i am back to square one...... what do i need? => that the stands gets down low ( i am 5' tall....) i used to twist and stretch my fenders on the stand....but if i am low and i got big fenders to stretch i am screwed up....so i plan to swich to the "board stretcher " so i do not need it to get tall ..... => that it can tip noze down/up for the horn , binding and so on..... i see that the lowest Ron's can go is 37" , i have to see how far down weaver"s go thanks again
  4. Ok thanks guys for your feedback i appreciate Aurelie
  5. Hello guys, I am debating on "upgrading" my olds wood saddle stands and i am oggling/debating between 2 kinds of saddles stands . The price is not really the problem since it's quite the same and in both case it will cost me an eye to get it shipped to France...... What do you prefer? advice? any feedbacks? likes or hates about one or another? Between the Weaver articulated stands and the one from Ron's Tool Company? Does it exist another maker for those articulated stands? Thanks a lot for your input. Aurelie
  6. ok indeed with the dog in the collar....you have a better idea of the stuff the collar and the dog! :D looking at the dog, indeed you need something "sturdy" even better nice looking on the dog!
  7. tell me more about it because yes those round handles are a pain in the butt to do would take any comments and advices about it (what gone wrong for you what works for you (anybody i mean) and that bag looks really great i would say (aside those B*T*HY handles to do )
  8. Hello Folks! Here is my 1st "big" project braiding (aside my usual braiding on my saddles) This is round braided reins : 7' long To be honest, they "shrink" and lengthen a bit so it's overing between 7' and 6.5' Here are the specifications : Leather => Latigo from Herman and Oak - width : 5/16" (7,5 mm) cut and beveled on the edges (not yet oiled on pictures) 4 stands braid for the body diameter about half an inch 2 long pineapples => Natural Kangaroo - width of the lace 1/8" (3 mm) Thanks Aurelie
  9. looks nice curious about the dimensions for what kind of dog? why double buckles?
  10. Thanks guys after each saddle i build i try to find all the flaws where i need improvement and what i am happy with on this one, i am quite proud of that hellish basket though i think i have bitten more than i could chew at first it s nice but could be better on some places (let's say it would not earn a 1st spot in sheridan ) ...but i have room for improvement on that basket i am quite happy too with the straight cantle because it was my 2d and its really nice , round and the stitching was a hell to do too (i think that i find a cheyenne roll easier) but turned pretty neat what i like least is the horn on that saddle not that it's not good but i do not like it ....so that will be my next goal => make a horn that is meeting my expectations
  11. nice job! but here a question from the girl from where you're not allowed to carry any weapons.... what a molle clip ? how does that work?
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