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  1. I just recieved three new dies from them today.....hope they havent gone out of business
  2. Thanks guys for the upper math lessons....I'm gonna give it a try......
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a template that will allow me to draw the sine wave pattern the you see on so many gun belts? I would like to try it on a belt or two but there is no way I'm gonna free hand it..... Thanks for the help
  4. How do you guys keep natural leather clean while molding, tooling, burnshing etc? It seems that no matter what I try, I get sweat stains or stains from saddle soap or wax on my belts and holsters wich forces me to dye everything black to cover up te blemishes. How do you make a natural or Russett holster without any stains on it.....should I stain and seal the leather first and if so how am I going to case the leather before molding it.....everything I know about leatherwork I have learned from this forum and I wish to thank everyone for thier help.... Thank You Don
  5. A friend has asked me to make him a rifle scabbard that he is going to carry on his saddle and I dont know what weight leather to use...I have some 6-7 oz veg tan but that seems too light......thanks for any help you can give
  6. that couldnt be more perfect,,,,,,thank you very much!!!
  7. Can someone give me the measurement of a KBar knife handle where the retention strap would go? A friend of mine asked me if I could replace the missing retention strap on his old leather K-Bar knife sheath. The problem is that he sent me the sheath without the knife and he lives out of state. I asked him if he could measure the handle for me and he was way too vague for me to trust his estimate....any help would be greatly appreciated....
  8. Thanks for the Info!!!.....I'll give them a call tomorrow.....
  9. Where did you get the "S" 794 needles from? I have been looking for them all over and no luck so far.......thanks in advance
  10. Can you please add me to the adult section... thank you
  11. Thanks buddy...I was just talking to my girlfriend about taking a ride to oxnard just for that.....would be much cooler too i think...... Don
  12. never waited less than 6 weeks from W&C........longest wait was three months.....just for veg tan sides for holsters....get stuff from weavers or springfield if i can....quality from W&C is real hit and miss......gonna try goliger......
  13. I hope thats going into a museum......staggering beautiful work
  14. can you dye nylon or polyester machine threads? I need some larger colored threads (345-415 sizes) and there almost no colors in those larger sizes.......thanks
  15. Go to springfield leather and get a sheet of bontex..I just got a sheet and it is exactly what you need...just glue it in between the outer shell and the liner and you should be good to go....springfield is awesome to work with as well....
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