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  1. I have made a number of calls and sent a few emails about purchasing a presser foot (harness) for my ga5-1r but have not received call backs or email replies.....are they out of business??
  2. Thank you, I use fancy chicago screws sold by weaver leather.
  3. volpert

    odds and ends

    just a few odds and ends I have done over the months
  4. can I get a copy of the manual from you or a link where i can get one? I have a local seamstress that wants to sell me one but I can't find info on it...I would not use it for leather ...I have other machines for my leather work. thank you alex
  5. today we mourn....

    1. Double U Leather

      Double U Leather

      And pray like never before. God have mercy on us and our country.

    2. DoubleC
  6. Thank you Again Ron for another great buying experience! My newly refurbished/tuned Adler 167 with new table and servo.
  7. You have some serious talent on the brushes! Nice!
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