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  1. I'm selling my Boss on eBay. It's the aluminum one and was made in 2001. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tippmann-Boss-Leather-Hand-Stitcher-/150973039983?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2326b1c56f Thanks
  2. I bought a used Boss and the Primary tension wheel cups were reversed (facing each other). This made it impossible to get the right needle tension. Check to make sure that when you stitch, the Primary Tension Wheel turns. Rule of thumb for thread tension is: The bobbin thread tension is half the tension of the needle thread tension (Bob at Tippman told me this). Keep trying and one day it will all click just like on the island. Remember nothing good comes easy. Semper Fi, 1969-1972
  3. Looks great ! I learned alot watching these vides on youtube. http://ianatkinson.net/leather/videos.htm His videos are very well done. If you check out my photos, you'll see my first molded cell phone case I made after watching the videos on the above link. Good luck.
  4. This link will fill you in on thread and needle size. http://www.tippmannindustrial.com/needleandthread.php?osCsid=6fcc0d4a9a51206dfa0ecb06184f690d
  5. Good Luck my friend.
  6. Looking for Tippmann Boss parts, accessories, threads, needles or related Boss items you may have that you don't use. Thanks
  7. What pressor feet do you have and how much are they? Thanks
  8. Sold to Bruce. Thanks
  9. These links will help you out. My wife has the same problem. Titanium Hypo-Allergenic Nickel Free Belt Buckles http://www.beepfreeproducts.com/index-1.html What is a Metal Allergy? http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-metal-allergy.htm
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