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  1. Damn multi quote disappeared? Anyway thanks guys & yeah I agree, colours remind me of sweets & candy, all I want to do is taste it haha! A proper gilry girl assignment that one, glad its boxed off now Jazznow - Its all painted - ecoflo acrylics I think Invasion - Its just stitched, no glue involved
  2. I must admit, not my cup of tea but think it turned out nice, she loves it & thats all that counts really
  3. Nice work BTS, you've been very busy lately, love the belts
  4. Beautiful work Tanya, lovely bag, I doff my cap
  5. Thanks RIP57, the tool is an E294-03 from craftool, you can get smaller variations of it too for the finer detail work
  6. Thanks Penny, yes all hand stitched, oh how I wish I had a machine sometimes but then again I probably wouldn't get it as neat, I get a feeling I'd probably make more mistakes with a machine Thanks Adam, this was the one I was telling you about probably a month ago or so...I think it came out well & I like the way it looks, so much stitching though!!! Hope your orders are going ok
  7. Ah ok, it does look so tidy, I wish I was on your level of lacing & could do it that neat
  8. I think it looks great penny, rightly so you should be proud of it too. I like the 2 tone colour, it works great, well done!
  9. Superb lacing as always, Hungarian bond again? Great work as usual
  10. Another nice little order from a local golfer, off the bench yesterday. Carved with they're favourite football (soccer) team emblem & they're initials on the rear. 3 coats of professional oil saddle tan, a little brown antiquing, 3 coats of 50/50 acrylic res & finished with balm & atom wax.
  11. Thanks Tom, I know all about the EVOO & never used laquers on natural veg tan but thanks for the info, my initial thought was to give it a few coats of snowproof as here in Manchester UK we generally get lots of rain & we've only just got rid of the snow. I've not heard of that before but thanks for that Pete, I'll have a google on it later & see if I can get some in UK, much appreciated Thanks Andy, thats a nice compliment from one of my bag maker heroes...I'm gonna schedule my diary for this time next year, hopefully it will look as it does now Cheers vhakra, all i can say is just go for it, your always gonna make mistakes on your 1st one but you always learn from them
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