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  1. Tony Leather can be cased, surface should be dry to the touch and you shouldn't have any problems with the tape sticking. Mark
  2. Tony It will only work with an air brush there is also some company's that sell aerosol spray dye that works with this application. As long as the leather is dry when you apply the tape you shouldn't have any issues. Mark
  3. If you have an airbrush put masking tape down where you are going to stamp then stamp your letters. The stamp will cut through the tape and you can peel the masking tape away. You can either peel the masking tape of the letters or vise versa. Then use your airbrush to color then remove the remaining masking tape
  4. If you are trying to stamp or tool you need to buy a tooling leather that will accept an impression. Jackets are made of garment leather and are tanned specifically clothing furniture etc. they are not meant to hold an impression or carving
  5. potter

    Cleaning Shop

    I would also be interested if you decide to break up the lot. Mainly the knife and edgers
  6. I agree with cow dog your drawings aren't bad at all. The issue I see is you may be trying to put to much in the pattern. Try making your vines larger and not as pointed also try putting fewer in the pattern. Remember there is a difference in what looks good drawn and what looks good tooled. I understand your frustration and I think that if you changed just a few things you would be pleased with the outcome. If you are still looking to have someone else draw for you I might can help you Mark Potter 936-443-9496
  7. What kind of splitter do you have and what do you want for it?
  8. Would you sell them separate? If so how much for the 24oz
  9. I am interested in the cutter do you still have it
  10. potter

    Help Wanted

    I would be interested in doing the work out of my shop if that is something you might be interested in. I am in Central Texas. 936-443-9496
  11. I have tried to email with but can't get through. My phone number is 936-443-9496 email is markpotter@hughes.net
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