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  1. Cross-country move coming up and I've had to scale down my machines (industrial and vintage ones). My Consew does not get a lot of use just because of a change in materials I am using. It's just too much, so she needs to find a new home. She comes fully assembled and ready to go. It is 5 years old, in mint condition and was not heavily used. Often only once or twice a week. No rusting, stains, dents or missing parts. There is a foot petal/attachments, small machine tools and extra parts that came with the machine that were never used. There are several booklets that come with it as well. The machine was updated with a servo motor and is securely attached to it's worktable (which is in mint condition). Machine itself works great and I have needles in 5 sizes and thread from 69-138 included, along with a handful of XL bobbins. I have had this in my basement studio for the past 5 years. Air conditioned and smoke free. It is VERY heavy and I am unable to ship so a few people might need to help bring it up stairs for transport. (I am outside of Syracuse, NY) From Consew site: "Heavy Duty Cylinder Arm, Single Needle, Drop Feed, Needle Feed, Walking Foot, Alternating Pressure Feet, Lockstitch Machine With: Walking Foot, Centra-Lube Semi-Automatic Lubrication System, Vertical Axis Rotary Hook, Reverse Feed, Safety Clutch More Specifics here: http://www.consew.com/View/Consew-Model-287RB-2 Retail with all extras was around $3500. I'm willing to part with it for $1800.
  2. That is spectacular! Just perfection. Lucky lady and great job!!
  3. I have a 287-RB2 and it's a tank! It sews through anything. I put canvas and leather through it the most - even upholstery leather looks great with the stitches. I don't know what the difference between an RB - RB2 is but the only trouble I run into finding thread that it likes. I'd love to hear of any other 287RB owners out there. The clearance on mine is quite a bit more than 1/4" so if I'm making handbags they can have several layers of various fabrics and it has no problems. Enjoy your new toy!! Cindy
  4. Looks like the wood version wins here! I will go ahead and give it a try and see how I like it. Saddlerlew - My husband works for a home improvement store, so I may have him bring some of those home to try as well. Now I need to decide the type of leather I want to use. I need to keep it simple with that as I know very little and need it ready to cut. I'll update when I've given it a try. Wish me luck! Cindy
  5. I appreciate your responding to my inquiry. For the strap cutting, that is exactly why I'm leaning to cutting the straps myself. Some of my designs will need a thicker strap, some thinner. Also, like you said, the lengths I need would be controlled by me. I will look into metal strap cutters. Any brands that are more durable/reputable than others? Thank you for your help Cindy
  6. Good morning! I am a newbie to the board but have been reading the boards for some time trying to learn a bit about leather. At this point I'm trying to learn about the right type of leather that would be good use as handbag straps/handles as well as small coin bags and pouches. Ideally, I need a leather that has minimal stretch for the handles. I do not have the skills or desire to dye or treat the leather myself at this point. The totes would be for everyday use but I need it to be of a thickness that would be durable and able to take daily use. Over the holidays I ordered some various leather strips and latigo strips that had been precut from Zach White and Springfield. I was very impressed with the quality and think they will be perfect. But here's my question (from a newbie).... Is it more cost effective to order the strips ready to go like I just ordered, or is there a better method? I have a large studio to work would cutting my own be better? I like the lengths they come in, but for custom projects where I would need a specific length I'd have some leftovers that I may or may not be able to use? For my pouches, I understand that I would need a softer leather but what type of leather would you recommend? I hope I didn't confuse everyone! Cindy
  7. I am very new to the boards, but have been lurking for some time. I sew handbags and want to start incorporating leather handles into my bag designs. Eventually I plan to go to simple, clean-lined totes and clutches. I know very little about leather but with the help of the forums here I am slowly learning, but it sure is overwhelming! My question is: Is there a supplier you all would recommend for handbag straps that are NOT precut? Ideally, I'd like to buy a large continuous amount so I can customize the handle lengths when I need to. I am also worried about stretching of the leather, so is there a specific leather I should look for? I also have read here about treating (oils, etc) the leather, but is there strapping out there where it is already done for you? I don't mind having an unfinished back, but do people sew two thinner pieces of leather together? I will be making medium to large size totes so having a thicker handle is ideal and also having it between 1/2'-1" wide would be preferred. I want my totes to last and not have to worry about stretching or breaking. Thank you for any advice or help you could send my way, Cindy in Florida
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