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  1. thomsa

    Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    Jerry VanAmburg for exotics.
  2. thomsa

    Longest Lasting Belt Making Leather

    I know this is an old post but here is my .02 for anybody who happens along and reads it: I make hundreds of belts and have done so for almost thirty years. The best belt leather in the world is herman oak. Two 6 oz. pieces of herman oak glued with contact cement and sewed will outlast anyone reading this. At 12 oz. overall it is not too thick to be comfortable. Herman oak is also a pleasure to tool and dye if you choose to do so. If you don't have the need for the 10 hide minimum order from H.O. buy the H.O. premium belt bends from springfield leather. I have bought several from them over the years and have never been disappointed.
  3. thomsa

    Removing Chicago Screws

    I am an airplane mechanic, I use loc-tite all the time. All of our loc-tite has an expiration date after which we throw it out because it loses its ability to hold. I don't think the civilian bottles have expiration dates, but they should. Was your loc-tite a fresh bottle?