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  1. Alex, thank you for detailed description. I will definitely try it in one of my future projects.
  2. Nice job, I really like the colors. Did you use 2 different dyes here? Could you share the technique - how did you apply them?
  3. I have recently finished this small utility bag/box to store my 2 way radio, flashlights and miscellaneous chargers for small electronic items when I travel. I have already had a chance to field test it and found it to be very convenient. It is 8-9 oz veg tanned leather. Fiebing's Saddle tan professional oil dye. Ritza 25 (Tiger Thread) 0.8mm in Colonial Tan. The handle came out darker by accident - I have messed up an original handle that was cut out of the same piece of leather. I had to make another one and put more layers of dye than on the original handle. But I decided to go with it and liked the contrast it gives.
  4. I agree, an awl blade makes a huge difference. I used 1.75" John James Harness Awl Blade in my awl (you can see it in the picture). The awl itself was made by me and based on a design by a forum member "slipangle". You can read more about it is his thread.
  5. The buckle I used has is Antique Brass from Tandy. It gets darker with time. I have another belt with the same buckle and it developed a nice patina after a year of use.
  6. Looks nice and clean, Ryan. How thick is the leather that you used?
  7. TomG, they might be similar, but not the same. I have both, they smell differently. I should probably do some side by side testing of these 2 and Obenauf's LP that I recently purchased.
  8. I've been using Fiebing's Bag Kote for flash side of a leather and I like the result. At the same time I'm quite disappointed with TanKote. I used TanKode by itself and in combination with Acrylic Resolene on a grain side of a leather for bags and folders and it does not protect the leather the way I expected - plain water leaves stains or washes it away. So far the best finish I've tried for grain side is Sno-Seal Wax.
  9. Beautiful bag, Tara! Would love to see it from different angles and the inside. Do you have more pictures?
  10. Great gob, Dan! Both bags look very nice. I especially like the duffel bag. Did you use a veg tanned leather? If you did then what kind of dyes and finishes did you use?
  11. Thank you guys for your kind words. thekid77, I used 6 SPI overstitch wheel from Tandy to mark my stitches. I am quite happy with a way my stitching looks on the front, but still have to work on a back side to make it uniform and neat.
  12. Here is a belt that finished yesterday. It is 8-9 oz veg tanned leather, lined with 3-4 oz leather. I used Fiebings professional oil dyes - Dark brown for the belt and Saddle tan for the lining. The belt was hand stitched with Ritza 25 (Tiger Thread) 0.8mm in Colonial Tan for a contrast. Comments, critique and suggestions are welcome.
  13. Madebynick, Thank you for your detailed explanation. You've put a lot of thought into a design and it shows. Now I want to make something like that.
  14. Looks great! I can not figure out the design though. There is no stitch on the bottom as it should be in case of box stitching. Is bottom part molded and has a border that wraps around a flask? I assume that external part of the case is removable, am I right?
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