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  1. Hi Mikesc, Did Monsieur Regad ever get back to you with a final price for the set?
  2. Hi mikesc, I'm currently living in Paris and would also be interested in the wholesale quote from Regad. My french isn't good enough to speak to them so I'd be happy to get the information through you.
  3. Thank you for the feedback, Bruce. I admire your restoration work, which is truly beautiful. My main concern is ruining the knife because of insufficient tools, knowledge and method, but I'm also determined to give it a go. Being a somewhat novice what is the coarsest grid you'd start out with? In terms of polishing compounds I currently have yellow and white for the edge sharpening, but I guess they might be too fine to get the shine out on the face of the blade. Thanks, I'll make sure not to hurry the process and give it the attention it needs. Edit: Also, do you sand down the handle at some point and give it a bit of oil?
  4. Hi there, So I just received this head knife and it has obviously seen some years and could use a little restoration. I was kind of surprised that the knife still had a reasonable edge and it should turn great with a bit of sharpening. I also want to clean and polish the blade to bring the shine back, but I've never restored a tool before and I'm not sure where to start and with what. Can I do this by myself or should I pay to get it done professionally? Another pic:
  5. Thanks everyone! Hi Matt, what was the difference in your experience?
  6. So I acquired this japanese leatherwork book and not knowing japanese I have a question regarding the process. It looks as if some kind of gel is added to the flesh side in order to slick it - does anyone know about this?
  7. Thanks for all the replies! 3/4 oz. it is then. Thanks, most of the knife rolls in those threads used oil tanned leather and I'm guessing vegetable tanned leather will act slightly differently. Hi Nigel, I've actually seen pictures of that knife roll, but I think I'll be using double headed rivets to make sure the knives dont end up cutting the stitches. I prefer the look of the one you posted, though.
  8. I've been lurking for a while but now comes the time for my first post. I've been commissioned a chefs knife roll and I'm struggling choosing the correct thickness of natural vegetable tanned leather. It needs to be thick enough to withstand pointy tips of knives but also flexible enough to be rolled. I've thought about using 4/5 oz. leather on the backside and a lighter 2/3 oz. leather for the inlay which will be covering the knife handles. Has any member on here tried making knife rolls before and what should I look out for? Regards, Alex
  9. would also love to get the pattern nordicdistrict@gmail.com
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