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  1. Thanks for the links wepster. I didn't find the 3rd one in your list when I searched for the item. "Namebelt" wasn't a search term I had thought of so thanks for that.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't clear on that was I? What I'm looking for is a western floral design tooled belt with the open space on the back to stamp the name on. The kind you see at every county fair and biker rally.
  3. My niece wants a new belt with her name on the back for her birthday but I have carpal tunnel in my swivel knife hand so I haven't been doing any tooling lately. I'm looking for pre-tooled blank so I can get her something she will be happy wearing. Any ideas?
  4. Perfect! Thanks so much for your help.
  5. Yeah, close actually. your first response helped a lot. I didn't think about searching Pinterest. I found a picture of what I'm talking about.The corner pieces that are sewn on, that's what I'm looking for a pattern for. I've got some mobility issues that keep me from drawing and doing layout stuff so I'm looking for printable patterns.
  6. stelmackr, thanks for your reply. I'm not looking for tooling patterns but rather for cutting patterns for accent pieces that you would attach to the corners of notebook covers, wallets etc. I would attach a photo of what I'm looking for but I can't figure out the right search terms to use.
  7. At one time I had patterns in my computer for various types of decorative corner accent pieces that you could cut out of something like an exotic leather, for instance, and add a little flair to a wallet or notebook. I cannot find them or remember where I got them. Can anyone point me in the the right direction? I can't seem to find the right combination of search terms in Google to get specific enough results. Thanks.
  8. Rocky mountain leather supply has lots of pebbled grain leather, just not quite that heavy. You might check them out.
  9. Jess Jones, yeah it should be fairly easy but I hate to reinvent the wheel if I can find a pattern. JLS, thanks for the links. Now if there was only a way to see a pic of each of the handbags they list. lol
  10. I think this was a Tandy pattern in the 70's. I was wondering if someone might have the pattern for sale or know where I could find it or one like it. Thanks.
  11. Thanks maxdaddy, I'd love to have it. I'll PM you an email address.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone. I searched the patterns in the leathercraft library and didn't find one exactly like the one I posted. Shouldn't be too hard to make a pattern though.
  13. My girlfriend wants me to make one of these for her. I seem to remember Tandy having something like this back in the day. Is my memory correct? Does anyone have a pattern for this type of purse that they would sell me?
  14. Sorry guys, I've been away from the forum for a while. Rccolt45, I used JLSLEATHER'S instruction sheet on making your own pattern and kinda figured it out as I went. thanks for the suggestions and input y'all. Levi
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