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  1. I always struggle with the corners.
  2. Amazing! I made one like that only it was tooled. you’re gonna love working with leather.
  3. really, such an incredible first project. And check out Nigel https://www.armitageleather.com/
  4. I had open heart surgery a couple weeks ago. Made this notebook for the Doc who saved my bacon.
  5. Beautiful work! Are they both from your own patterns? Love to get my hands on them.
  6. I have a hard time with the corners forming. It bunches up. With folds. How do you get the corners to shape like that? thanks
  7. My daughters dog, Jackson. Next time thicker gusset and heavier zipper.
  8. Should have read,"Round purse (or bag)Pattern".
  9. I used Eco Flow Gel Antique Medium Brown on vegetable tanned leather. black kangaroo lace
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