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  1. that will work and don't forget try to use a knife, shears, needles and thread.
  2. it doesn't matter on where in the world it is as long as the time period is between 1000 AD to 1500 AD. if you want to show your necklace go for it as long as it was done the way it would have been made during the time period. I think we all would like to see what every one is going to make. I hope you all have fun.
  3. chat room is open for any thing, any one going to join in.

  4. yes a chastity belt is period, and Cheryl there is no fringe for the time period that is more modern from the 1950's invention. and yes if you want to make a belly dancing out fit go ahead because they are period for the time, just don't forget if you do make a belly dancing out fit there are male belly dancer's. jewelry is a great idea just remember to do some research on how the jewelry was made for the time period. If any one want any information on the out fits or armor or any thing that would deal with the time period you can check out this group on face book. www.facebook.com/groups/195046376566/ or you can go to www.sca.org these are a great place to go for research.
  5. There is a challenge posted for June. I hope you come a join.

    1. tkirwan


      where is it posted, i wanna play

    2. celticpride


      June challenge is in special events, contests and classes

  6. On the June challenge I want you to step out side of your comfort zone. we are going to make things that would have been used during the time period of 1000 AD to 1500 AD. Things that would have been used are shoes, pouches, armor ether leather, plate mail or chain mail. shields, clothing, quivers, you name it. I thought this was a good challenge. I have done a belt and a pouch and a snood, a snood is an old style hair net. In this challenge i am going to try and make a sheath for my viking sward, This is a challenge for me because i am still looking for info on how to make a period sheath for the sward. the tools that would have been used during the time period would have been made by a black smith, natural carving rocks and two needles and thread.the closest things to the tools that would have been used are, a pairing knife, a pair of shears for cutting. so you can use a knife, needles and thread, glue and hand made decorative tools.
  7. welcome to the forum fenester, I am in the central valley in California. When we are able to head north next year we might be able to have some coffee some time and help each other out.
  8. I like the pics. I'm wondering what patterns you used.
  9. My husband and i were from 1000 eyes. since we have been stuck in California we haven't been able to make it to an SCA event, I miss the events every one is kind and is willing to help. congratulations for your wife.
  10. i have a mongolian pattern for the shoes i just have to find it and i will get it out on the net.
  11. Heres my e-mail. celticpride.ferret1@gmail.com
  12. just waiting for some one to join chat, its lonely here.

  13. i like the rose rae you can make spare scrap into any thing. you go girl.
  14. i would love to get a copy of the pack and dont forget hair ties and wraps that were done with leather back then.
  15. with one of our leather friends losing there house ad more then half of there tools. I was thinking if we all pitch in maybe we can get them back up. we might have to pay a bit more then posted for shipping and handling but I would do it to help another leather friend. any one else willing to help?
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