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  1. Leather wasn't used for that. It would have been wool or linen fabric.
  2. @JLSleather How would you recommend adapting your pattern(s) to include a thumb break? I have some customers (Including my father) who desire them.
  3. I don't recall where I saw the original idea so I can't credit, but here is my take on a horseshoe coaster set
  4. I've been using Barge, but once my supply runs out, I may consider this: http://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product/aquilim-325/
  5. O can second what John said but as a customer! If you get the chance to vist thier store it is worth the time!
  6. Tandy has a subscription based library of videos that are not terrible. http://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/t-instructional-videos.aspx The patterns are worth subscribing if nothing else.
  7. I have this: https://proleptic.net/shop/tools/pro-thermal-tools/pro-thermal-cordless-thread-burner/ works like a champ!
  8. It looks like this may be close.... https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/tac-m7-system-pattern-pack
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