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  1. They would have less leverage than a pair of nippers but yes that would work too, same concept.
  2. They cost a bit too much just to use them on metal, so you probably would want to get some old ones from a farrier
  3. Old hoof trimming nippers may also work with those, a saddle maker I know uses them on regular rivets.
  4. Now that is a sweet idea, nice bag too the light would help keep your hands and the leather intact too I bet
  5. Well I never was good at roses so maybe I'll just shut up now, since I'm being of no help whatsoever:)
  6. There see someone has to point out what's wrong before is I see it
  7. Wow. Thats the best first attempt I've ever seen! Thats REALLY good. (Mine were way worse) Keep it up and you'll be a pro in no time (which will be way ahead of me) I'm not much of an authority in leatherwork because I'm not near being a pro but I've seen a lot of the professional's stuff online
  8. Welcome fellow Saskatchewanian! You will without a doubt learn many things on this forum.
  9. Make that three Canadians! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!?!
  10. Aha, there what did I tell you, there is a pro whith some very good information on scabbards.
  11. That's some nice work you've got there, I wouldn't call that beginner It says on the BlueGuns site there are two distributors in the UK, I am not sure if that is what you are looking for but those are used in holster making a lot. I don't know for sure but you may be able to use airsoft guns as well... Hopefully some of the pros will come on here soon.
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