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  1. alysay

    Just Broke My Second Basketweave Stamp.

    Just a follow up on this. I ended up ordering some stamps from Barry King and Springfield. Both have arrived and I'll have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the Springfield chinese ones are well reinforced now and matched the broken one from Zelikovitz so at least I saved the piece of leather I was working on and didn't have to start from scratch. It is definately noticeable on the quality of the stamp between the 2, though unfortunately the Barry King size was different as it was quite a bit smaller than the Springfield one, even though I ordered the largest size they had. Here's a few photos for comparison. Aaron
  2. alysay

    Just Broke My Second Basketweave Stamp.

    I've contacted Barry King and have some stamps on order. Hopefully will get them here in a couple of weeks. Thanks all Aaron
  3. alysay

    Just Broke My Second Basketweave Stamp.

    I will try to order some of the Barry King stamps. Hopefully they will send overseas. That's the other problem I run into. Still waiting to hear back from the Barry King site if they ship overseas, but from what I saw on the Steckstore, they don't send to the Philippines.
  4. alysay

    Just Broke My Second Basketweave Stamp.

    I'm guessing yes they are modern craftool. Big China stamp on side. From what I've seen standard Craftool basic tools that aren't used for extended use as with basket weave aren't too bad. But the basket weave that you need to give a decent whack just can't handle it. I was only using a basic wooden mallet that comes in a Tandy kit.
  5. So I was about 2/3 through a fairly large piece of basketweave with an X514S and it broke. This was the second time I had a stamp break, though it was a different model stamp and caused me to redo the whole design with another stamp I had. It had previously only did a single motorcycle seat and a piece approximately 4" x 18". Both stamps were bought at Zelikovitz and all I can say is if you hit these with another more than a love tap they will not last even 1 project. So the question would be where to get a decent basketweave stamp and are the good quality ones of the same dimensions as the cheap craftool type? I have no problem spending the extra money for a good one, but I also don't want to have to start over the current piece because the sizes are off? I will probably buy 2 more of the craftool ones just to finish it, but for the future the rest are all going in the bin. Aaron
  6. alysay

    Bag Strap Question.

    Thanks for the link. I should have looked a little harder on the internet. I also found it just after I posted.
  7. alysay

    Bag Strap Question.

    While touring a museum in Moose Jaw, SK, I came across this bag in a display case. I was curious how they did the strap cause I couldn't see any breaks where it was fixed to the loops on the bag. I couldn't really get a good picture as it was through a display case. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. alysay

    Silkfatblues Custom Shop

    Thanks for posting all those. Awesome work. Helps to give me some ideas on my ongoing bike restoration. Aaron
  9. It's about 26-27" to the top. A little high to reach the top while seated, but just a matter of organizing where the stamps and such more used are hung. Aaron
  10. Thanks all for the kind words. Aaron
  11. Not leather work, but something to help me keep a little more organized. Had an old neighbor who makes furniture out of old hardwood roots. I went over to his place to see what he had and found this really neat free standing root rack. A little cleaning and drilling of a few holes and I'm liking it. Will work with it a little more and see if I need to adjust some locations, but at the moment it's pretty handy for keeping the stamps sorted and out of the way.
  12. I like the looks of that a lot. Nice texture.
  13. alysay

    New Tank Bib...

    That smoke shading is spot on. Very nice work indeed!
  14. alysay

    My First Motorcycle Seat

    No worries on taking your time to answer. I'm months and months away from having time to start the work on my bike. But at least I'll have plenty of time to find all the items I will need to start. Thanks, Aaron