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    leather, jewelry, medieval, Viking, Celtic, writing and painting, steam punk.

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    assorted, steampunk, fetish, western, Viking, Celtic
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    all sorts of things how to make boots.
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  1. I will invite them. I should have one set up by the end of August.
  2. It makes me sad that we can't talk to each other anymore. So enough of this garbage.
  3. I am checking with my webhost to set up a chat there. Then we can have one.
  4. Mean evil bad man.
  5. Not on this site silly, that Kiwi irc. No one likes it and we all want chat on here back. Where is that walking dead chat?
  6. Well, I hope we get a chat soon. That other thing is preey much no chat at all. It isn't the same.
  7. I was not there then. See it isn't the same, brat.
  8. I go there and no one is there or Daryl is on a holiday.
  9. Me neither I quit IRC decades ago. But our chat is down (sob).
  10. https://kiwiirc.com/client This is where it is.
  11. No problem, I got in and Daryl was napping.
  12. Stupid thing won't let me in.
  13. I am blaming all of you men. I know what you did.
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