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  1. Teleweezel

    New guitar strap and matching pickguard

    Three coats of the Eco-Flo Cova white paint. This is just the first coat of black on the strap. I will put a couple coats of Super Sheen on once everything is dry.
  2. This is my Dad's Nashville Tele. He liked black bears so I thought it was fitting to put the bear claws on the strap. Now I just have to lace the strap.
  3. Teleweezel

    Looking for colour suggestions

    What background colour do you suggest?
  4. Teleweezel

    Looking for colour suggestions

    The neck is maple. I am sorta toying with using all kinds of bright colours but I don't want it to end up looking cartoon-ish.
  5. I am working a guitar jacket for a Telecaster. I still have a lot of tooling to do, but I would really appreciate your suggestions on what colour combination to use to finish the project off. Thanks Scott
  6. Teleweezel

    Christmas gift for my mom

    YinTx, Yes it's a guitar strap. I haven't punched the holes in it yet. I going to wait until Christmas. That way the strap will be the exact length my Mom wants it. Scott
  7. Teleweezel

    Tribute Pick Guard

    My Dad passed away last year. I made this to put on his Telecaster. I am going to make a matching strap with his name on it next.
  8. Teleweezel

    My leather bound B-bender project

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. As for the tone. No the leather didn't change it all.
  9. Teleweezel

    My leather bound B-bender project

    Thanks Colt!
  10. Lots of fun to make...and now play !!!
  11. Teleweezel

    My B-bender Esquire project

    Done !
  12. Teleweezel

    My B-bender Esquire project

    Mocked up
  13. Working on a B-bender leather Esquire. Not sure what to do about the colour...when I get there
  14. Teleweezel

    My John Deere Tele And Strap

    I had a lot of fun making this one. I found some thin foam at a craft store and black synthetic leather for the back of the strap. The lacing took a while but I think really adds to the strap. It's really comfortable as well. Scott