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  1. Brianm77

    Doodle Pages plus

    PM inbound.
  2. Brianm77

    Looking for Robert Beard Bevelers and other tools

    for those that did not know, this was going to be the first year for the show in waco. the show will not happen this year due to covid. I am very disappointed cause I live about 30 min from the site of the show
  3. would you be interested in getting rid of this one by itself?
  4. I will take the G536 stamp and the craft tool pro geo stamp. do you take PayPal?
  5. Brianm77

    Robert Beard stamps

    i would also like to see what ya got. maybe it can all be sold here.
  6. Brianm77

    Searching for decorative rivets

    makers leather supply had some a while back. not sure if they still do. their site seams to be down at the moment or i would have posted a link aswell. i used some pretty cool ones with a sunflower on the one side.
  7. lol, yeah your right. you could have a "VIP" room. but for sure that would be a big turn off for some. same goes for online sales, if you do both i would have separate IG/Facebook etc.
  8. Brianm77


  9. could you not simply say I don't know how?
  10. Brianm77

    CF Stead Leathers for Sale $4 per foot

    there is always interest, I have gotten some really great stuff from you over the years, and really appreciate it. I was just thinking the other day "I haven't seen one of your listings in a while."
  11. Brianm77

    Looking For A Shavng Kit Pattern

    he also has a newer one of I believe his own design and a complemantary tutorial on youtube. makers leather supply has a template I believe to make one out of chap leather and one of his Monday night videos to go along with it.
  12. Brianm77

    Looking for a vertical wallet pattern

    that is how that template is. the outer is one piece. the inner/hidden pockets are one piece with a thin strip that connects them at the top and bottom. and then the card slot pockets. I have never understood the thin strips, I don't like em and I don't do them. when I was cutting out the pieces for the one I pictured I cut the thin strips out. but If I was to use different shape card slots and leave the thin strips in the design then looks like mine could be from the same template as the other one pictured. it does make for one of the thinnest wallets I have ever carried.
  13. Brianm77

    Looking for a vertical wallet pattern

    I don't have a pattern but I bought a template from makes leather supply. I modified it slightly to get this. maybe that will help, brian P.S. there is a good chance the one in your picture was made from that template. they have different pocket designs aswell.
  14. I was going to point this one out. he cuts sholders and neck off first. he cuts off the butt making sure to leave the center (back towards belly) about 60" anything longer than that he has a hide put up that he takes the long belts out of. I think this is mostly right, probably better to go watch the video
  15. I believe I want the awl. I will send a pm.