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  1. Brianm77

    soldering iron edge creaser question

    Rocky that is a pretty good idea!! I like it
  2. Brianm77

    What is this?

    I think these are awful dainty to be part of some horse tack. The overall size of these is very small and he metal is rather thin. They strick me as something for some kind of purse hardware or something
  3. Brianm77

    What is this?

    I recently bought a lot of hardware from a closed down saddle shop. I have sorted through most of it. Thrown away the trash, sorted out the buckles and such. There were a lot of buckles, rings, clasps, a few corner pieces for say a briefcase. There were a lot of these little guys and for some reason it intrigues me. I would like to see if someone can tell me what these are and what they are for
  4. Brianm77

    What is this called???

    I know this is an old thread but I was doing some research and thought it could use some updating. As for the layout, Makers Leather Supply has a centering ruler that also has parallel layout lines on one side. They come in 6", 12", and 18" lengths. you can layout 2 parallel lines in 1/8" increments from 1/8" to 2". it worked very well. I was trying this on a piece of 4oz. initially I was not happy with the "depth" I also was having a problem with the small piece I was working on sliding around. I got a larger piece of 2-3oz leather rough side up and put it between the work piece and the granite. it worked like a champ. the sliding was less of an issue and the depth improved. hope that helps. Brian
  5. Brianm77


    sorry, I hate to hear that. I look forward to seeing what else you have.
  6. Brianm77

    Leather rose

    I saw that one, I like it too. But for this I was looking for the pattern and instructions for the one shown in the pictures above.
  7. Brianm77

    Leather rose

    I know this thread is old but it is better to use an old one than a new post right. I would like like to see if someone has this pattern from Tandy in pdf form. I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I tried printing out the pictures and you have to put it under a microscope to read it. Thanks, Brian
  8. Brianm77

    another set of stamps and tools

    I will take a few. I will send a pm well- it will not let me send you a pm. will take the flower, the serpentine border and the small veiner. Can you let me know how much shipping to 76655. Or you can send me a pm and I will give my email and you can invoice me. However you would like to handle it. Thanks, Brian
  9. Brianm77

    Dremel rotary tool package with jewlers extention

    I want too but my wallet says NOOOOO! If I did not already have a Dremel tool, I would be all over this. that is a good price
  10. Brianm77

    Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    being in chiago, I wonder what kind of scraps and seconds might be laying around the Horween tannery...
  11. I have not tried it yet myself, but check out the Makers Leather Supply video on youtube about their edge paint. he talks about a lollypop edger that he got off of Etsy that may foot the bill for what you (op) are looking for.
  12. $31 bucks on Amazon. 4.5 stars, for what its worth.
  13. Brianm77

    Books for sale - again

    That will work. I will pm address
  14. Brianm77

    Books for sale - again

    I will take this one. do you take paypal?
  15. Brianm77

    Ear ring parts

    I would have thought the other way around, but that is exactly why I asked.