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  1. I hear that you get what you pay for. That said, I have been looking at the Weaver hand press or some better options. Such as gold star tools. There are sooooo many options out there. I wish there was a realistic breakdown of sizes, threads, weights and so on.
  2. Ah yes, that is the one. Perfect. Thanks.
  3. Thank you all, the one I saw looked more like a rod than the cone that Tandy offers. BTW, have anyone tried these? I was wondering if they work or they are worth it.
  4. I remember seeing once an applicator that looked like a knurled rod that spun on a pen mount. Does anyone have a good resource where I can find one? Thanks all
  5. Could I just add some oil to the spirit based dye to give it the pro qualities?
  6. The granite slabs are good, but are very expensive. I have gone to a counter top maker near by and they told me just to go dumpster diving and grab what ever scrap they have. I found some beautiful granit and marble slabs, great size, for free.
  7. I have started using 2-3 oz leather for the whole wallet, with a 3-18 waxed linen thread (3mm spacing). I was dong 2mm spacing of the stitches but it seemed unattractive. I really appreciate all the postings and comments. It has improved my work considerably.
  8. I have hear that about the Tiger Thread. I think that if I am going to pay such a premium for thread I should not have to worry so much about these issues I have head about. I have been using the Crawford waxed linen, 3 ply for making wallets and I am very happy. Also if I have any bigger projects, I am making some motorcycle saddle bags now, I will use the waxed linen from Springfield Leather. I find both to be goo quality and the cost is reasonable.
  9. Thank you for the topic. I have been looking into getting a machine over hand stiching. I am concerned over the quality of the machine stich over hand. Also, how do consumers perceive the 2. I am concerned that if a consumer wants to pay for a hand made object would they balk over machine stiching. Also, I also feel that hand stiching is very therapeutic.
  10. Thank you, NV LeatherWorx. I take a lot of pride in everything that I do. I find great satisfaction in looking at what I do today in contrast why I have done last year. I hope that I will be as good as I see many of the crafters on this site. I think that I will stick to the individual card slots, since that is what I am most comfortable with. Also, it allows me to show off the stitching.
  11. I appreciate all of your information on this. I love this site and the wealth of information that I can get here. I've gotten some pre-fab in the past and I was disappointed. I feel that if I am going to spend the time making a "hand made" wallet, I would want the same inside and out. But, I am also very small time.
  12. I an a beginner in making wallets and I have seen 2 main types of card slots. One that looks just like slots cut into a single piece of leather and individual card slots cut and sewn in. I am wondering if there are any benefits to the first or the second. Also, with the slots cut into the one leather piece are there any thing that stops the card from going in too deep. Thanks for any help.
  13. I would like access, but I do not see the area you are speaking of.
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