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  1. Hi folks, I've recently got old fur sewing machine of model Allbook&Hashfield Success by occasion. It's needle is in place, very thin and the needle hole is small. Perhaps it was set up to sew gloves before. Can anyone advice what tread I need to buy for it? And what needles to buy?
  2. SLS - what is this? Did you order from shamrockarts? I had a very positive experience with them.
  3. I recently ordered a pair of brand new plastic shoe lasts from a new supplier who produces components for shoe making industry and also sell his products to retail buyers – www.shamrockarts.etsy.com I just received the shoe lasts in the mail, and I'm very happy with them. The item arrived in excellent condition. The seller was very helpful in choosing the right size. I only bought one pair from at first as a test and I must say I'm super happy I love them! Highly recommended.
  4. Thanks Darren. Just wondering is the stitch length variable? And is it possible to add a treadle to operate?
  5. I've recently bought this machine on car boot sale. Still in original box but there is no manual with it. Can anybody share the instructions for this machine or the manual in English.
  6. I'd like to find out how to make this seam. Is there anybody who can advice on it.
  7. thanks 65scout, can you pls specify what thickness yoga mat you are using
  8. What shanks work better, nylon or steel shanks? Pretty much the same prices, but steel shanks a bit chipper.
  9. Hi, can anybody recommend a source of buffalo leather suppliers in Europe or UK? Shipping cost from US to EU quite expensive.
  10. Hi, I'm currently working on a pair of soft sole moccasins. This is my first leatherworks/shoemaking project. Can anybody advise on the insoles layer for the soft soled mocs. Thanks in advance.
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