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  1. jlb

    Chaps and elastic

    Hi Bev, My wife sews and for elastic she gets hers from Jo-Ann fabric and Hancock Fabrics, both are sewing shops. Also, you might want to try Wal-Mart, they have sewing stuff as well. Good luck! Jeff
  2. Looks great!!! Semper Fi Jeff
  3. I know it's tough, my wife was a "contractor" last year and had to pay quarterly taxes, she spoke with someone at H&R Block who helped her with the quarterly taxes for free, and we did our income taxes with him for just $200. Good luck!
  4. Tazz, If you press the F1 key for help there are a bunch of topics that will help you. Also, you may find a book at the local library about accounting. It really depends on how your business structure is set up and how you plan to do your taxes, as to how complicated your accounting system should be. Like my wife, just starting out and a sole proprietor she just needs to record her expenses and sales for our tax guy at the end of the year. I hope this helps.
  5. My wife just started a business and I found that Microsoft offers 2008 Accounting Express for FREE. Depending on your needs this maybe what you are looking for. It didn't take much time to set up, in fact it has templates for your type of business so the Ledger accounts are set up for you. Here is the link http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/accounti...1729681033.aspx Jeff
  6. Good morning all!! I wanted to give a quick update and let you all know that my wife took your suggestions to heart. She decided to get my ALL 3 volumes of the Al Stohlman's Saddle Making Encyclopedia. Thanks again for your suggestions. Jeff
  7. Art, Thanks I'll look at it. This should probably go into another topic(which I'll start later0 is lighting. My wife has an Ottlite and LOVES it. It is a free standing natural light.
  8. Art,Bruce,(others) Will this light only fit on an Artisan machine? My wife sews (fabrics) and this would be a great thing for her to have if it would fit on her machine. Thanks Jeff
  9. What is the purpose of using neatlac? To help oil and condition the leather?
  10. Looks great!! Glad you are willing to help a great cause Semper Fi, Jeff
  11. Have you tried www.Ohiotravelbag.com I don't have a catalog nor have I ordered from them, but there may be a pic of what you are looking for on the site. Good luck!
  12. jlb


    From one former Marine.... Semper FI. This is great!
  13. Skip, Thanks for your .02! I have never heard of this book ( not a surprise, since I'm new to this world) I looked it up on Ebay and it looks great! Let's see what my better half decides.
  14. All, Thanks for your suggestions! I think I will go the the Al Stohlman books initially. Jeff
  15. Bruce, Thanks for the feedback. A concern of mine is how clear, concise, and easy would either one the books you mentioned be for a beginner. Would a beginner read the book and say, hmmm what is that I need to look it up somewhere else? or is all the info right there in the book? Thanks again Jeff
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