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  1. That is a stainless line 24 snap from Tandy with a Tandy thumb break stiffener.
  2. Ahh, OK. I've used a Forstner bit to sink a hole in leather before.
  3. I know it's a little silly to stamp a pattern on an IWB holster and the clip is almost as big as the gun in this case. But it is how he wanted it. Thanks!
  4. An LCP holster for my brother-in-law. HO 7-8 oz with oxblood stain and briar brown antique. Fun little project!
  5. Very nice! Love the medallion and am wondering how it is mounted too? Love it!
  6. I would love to see photos of your test pieces and your results! I'm getting ready to do a holster for a lady who wants it Teal Green. I'll be playing with color mixing and diluting to try to find the right mix. I hope to see how you made out!
  7. I've got a lady who wants a holster dyed Teal Green. Has anyone had any success mixing dyes to Teal Green? I have some very light colored leather that might dye without getting too dark...??
  8. Normally I do use loops but this sheath is serving a particular purpose and I need to be able to clip and un-clip a lot when using it so that's why the clip and not the loop in this case. I don't carry it full time. It stays in my backpack and gets used when I have a deer or hog down. It gets clipped on whatever outer garment I am wearing at the time, gets un-clipped to move to a different garment as I shed layers while I am skinning and quartering an animal, clipped to my truck visor etc.
  9. That is the trade off exactly. If you use one that is a little more liquid, like Eco-Flo hi-lite stain, it goes on with a dauber and I wipe it immediately with a folded paper towel and it highlights the impressions and stamping nicely. I also use it as a light stain sometimes. To me, it seems to be a little more permanent so you want to wipe it off quickly or the color will really set into the leather and darken your staining if you have some. I like the Briar Brown. On the last sheath I made I had stamped the front and stained it with an Oxblood stain, then did a quick wipe on and wipe off with the Eco-Flo and it colored the impressions nicely without darkening the rest very much. On the back the leather was smooth except for my maker's stamp. I wiped on the eco-flo and let it set for a couple minutes before wiping it off and it gave the leather a nice color that contrasted with the dark oxblood front and really darkened the maker's stamp to make it pop. Pick up a few different antiques and hi-lites and do some playing around with them. I think you will like using them and figure out what works best for you with some trial and error.
  10. Great progress in a short time! Way to go! Different leathers act different too, so I always try to trim a small piece off and test stamp some to see how it acts, how much water it needs etc. The last piece of Tandy leather I bought is hard as a rock and doesn't stamp very good. As someone else said, the leather makes a world of difference. Good leather is a dream to work. Springfield Leather is cool because you can order small pieces of most leathers to give you some less expensive trial work. I ordered as small as 1 sq ft of Hermann Oak my first time to try it. Dang good stuff!
  11. That's fine country Josh! I've been up in that area a few times. Texas is great but I always feel like I'm home when we get back up there.
  12. I've got to make me one of these! Every time I look at it I want one. Hey Josh, are you from around the Stockton Lake area? My hometown is Joplin. Been in Texas since high school but I still have lots of family all around those parts! Still a Cardinal fan to the bone, still love the big Missouri woods. Met a girl in Texas... you know the rest of the story.
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