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  1. Thanks for the replys. Ill try out a couple of the ideas.
  2. I am sure its very simple once you know how but what is the technique to achieve this weathered/used look? Thanks Richard
  3. This may not be the right place for this post this but looking for thoughts on this aviator cap from this pattern http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/37843-aviator-helmet-pattern-leather/#comment-234196. It is just a mock up at the moment and needs some resizing to actually fit a head! and would need a little wet moulding on the seams to round them out. Is it looking about right I have spent so long looking at it I cant decide
  4. You could also try https://www.identityleathercraft.com/ I have always found them helpful, knowledgeable and if you tell them what are looking for they will source a piece that meets you needs.
  5. That would have been perfect but there out of stock, never thought of looking on ebay though!
  6. Thanks for the speedy replies. That search does turn up the right style but they are all 1.5" I should have said I am in the UK prices for the rubber look good.
  7. I am struggling finding a couple of things for two projects I would like to get started. The first is some food grade latex rubber for the lining of a tobacco pouch. I have found some places that do it but they have silly minimum orders. So does any one have any ideas where to get any? The second is a 2" solid brass buckle with twin prongs in a "west end" style ideally but they seem not to exist? Richard
  8. I made a pair of flipflops for my wife and used some veg tan Stallion Leather which is nice and soft. Not the closest supplier to you though!
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I think I have managed to get the hide of a very fat cow! As that strip was cut from the very top of the side and as pointed out it is a very supple. I will try and return it but that will be interesting as I have cut 3" from the too of it. Is there any thing I can do to stop it happening? Richard
  10. thunter9 thanks for the reply. However there is not a lining and that is the good/finished side. Which is why I am unsure of what is going on?
  11. I am having some issues with the finish on some belts I have been making. Once the finish has been applied the flesh side of the leather looks like its de-laminating/wrinkling (see pic) Some info on what I'm using may help Oak-Leaf Lightweight Saddle Skirting 10 to 12 oz Fiebing's Leather Dye Aussie Wax Any ideas welcome Richard.
  12. Thanks for the kind feedback you have all given. Bruce I am happy to answer your questions people on this forum have always been helpful and answered mine. Did you use a stiffner behind the leather? ​I did not use any stiffener behind the leather the bag is filled with fine sand to give it some weight to help stop it moving about. Is the lower vertical secction thats monted to the base wet formed? No not in the traditional sense. I did however dampen the leather to help form the fold but nothing more than that. How did you roll that lower edge leaving a flange and an inside fillet without tearing / cutting the leather? I assume you are talking about the black centre section. Once I had formed the vertical piece I then stitched the centre section in, this then wanted to straighten the fold out. I then dampened the edge again and with some persuasion and brute force you end up with the front edge just running smoothly down and once its glued and stitched its not going anywhere. It was not that difficult to make, what was hard is making sure everything is done in the right order and the patience to wait for glue, stain and damp leather to dry before moving on to the next step. Hopefully my answers make sense but if you would like any more info just ask.
  13. This has been a long time in the making but I am quite pleased with the finished item. It was made for my brother in law who shoots here in the UK. Thanks for taking a look Richard.
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