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  1. Where did you find the swivel hardware?
  2. I agree, I think the bag is a good idea and adds a touch of class.
  3. I like the beefieness of the bag. For some reason it gives me a "steampunk" vibe. The only flaws I noticed were the color variation between the front pocket flap and the rest of the bag and the streakiness of the dye application. This is a problem I have also. I have started thinning the dye so I can add more coats without going super dark and paying attention to my surface prep. I'm not there yet but getting better.
  4. Yes, the holes are so I could add a bungie cord loop (with braided leather tab) to make a "hammer spur strap" in the future. From a tactical standpoint, I'm not a fan of things like that but from a "snazzle" standpoint in an open carry holster . . . I have made several other holsters and the body of this one is basically a direct copy of others I've made. There's not any problem with the gun tipping because there's enough slide weight lower down. I've "gone heeled" professionally for decades and want belt slots sized exactly to the belt width so there isn't any slop or movement when drawing. The holster is molded and fits snugly for retention. The placement of the strap was determined by aesthetics so I ended up with a 2" belt tunnel. One thing that did concern me is the width of the belt tunnel. It's about a half inch larger than the belts I wear for carry. So far, there hasn't been any problem with the holster coming up with the gun during the draw stroke but I would watch out for that with this design. Of course now I HAVE to make a matching belt . . . and mag pouch . . . and cell phone case, and key fob lol.
  5. I haven't made any holsters or gun leather in years; this is my first try after being inactive so long. I haven't made a western style holster ever so this was what i came up with. I think the leather is 7-8oz. I used an Al Stohlman buckle and concho from Tandy Leather. It's finished with fiebing's saddle tan dye and resolene top coat.
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