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  1. People do come back to read. I was having large problems with my finger slipping off the needles. I have to wash my hands a lot, I figure this is the culprit. Long story short, nitrile gloves got me back up to speed. Thanks! I'll have to find and try the finger condoms.
  2. Wizcrafts, Thanks I'll look for my local dealer. KingsCounty, I hand stitch right now, I was thinking of expanding, but maybe I'll stick with handstitching for awhile.
  3. Hi, first post... So, I bought a Singer 401a like a dope and of course it doesn't go through more than garment weight. I started to read some of the sticky posts and realized that portable machines won't work. Is there a hand sticher other than the Tippmann Boss out there? I have no problem with the Boss, but it is rather expensive for a manual machine. Thanks Austinious
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