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    Creating and designing leather items, from Saddles and Tack, Chaps and Chinks to Holsters, LE Log books, Scabbards, purses etc.

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    Restorations, Western Design and LE Holsters

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  1. Vikefan, I responded to your questions, but don't see them here. Not sure I like this site, seems a bit clumsy. Laboo
  2. I use the Ferdco Pro 2000 for all my sewing. SUPER machine, will sew what you are making.
  3. Laboo

    Sewing Machine

    I use a Ferdco Pro, no need to know the thickness, this machine will do it. I have one for sale on this site if interested.
  4. FOR SALE: I have a Ferdco Pro 2000 Super Bull with boot, shoe and saddlers attachments. Amazing machine, I have made hundreds of items on this machine from Holsters, Chaps, Saddles and tack, repairs etc. Looking for a machine that works for you? This is the one. Complete with stand and speed reducer, needles and thread. Owners manual and machine nomenclature included. I have had zero problems with this machine, Well taken care of and clean, used to make new items. Attached a few pictures of items made with this machine. Ferdco Pro 2000 Super Bull $3000 ***I am selling my complete leather shop, if you are interested, please contact me for more information.
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