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  1. Jeffrey46


    Wow! Nice work!
  2. I've been in retail since my late teens (think parachute pants and hair bands) and there are many studies that have concluded the .95 or .99 price point does have a beneficial affect on shoppers. Some of the price points you see in stores are codes. For example at one national retail chain in the US, the price point of .95 tells the clerk that the item is on clearance and cannot be re-ordered. That said, price your goods as you see fit. They are worth it.
  3. What Tandy gets wrong, heck what most retail in the US gets wrong, is to forget that the most valuable thing that they have as a company are its own employees. As others have noted here, it was often the people managing and working at the stores that would engender loyalty from the customer. To survive as a retail concern, Tandy needs to draw in new customers to the hobby - a difficult thing to do in the age of cell phones, Call of Duty and cable TV. Without new customers, they are only going to last so long. The only way to grow the retail business is to give the men and women who have a passion for leatherwork and who work for you the tools to succeed. I am not sure that they are doing this any longer. My local store has some great people, but I no longer see signs for classes, etc. Tandy needs to empower people to go out and create business, even if this means paying them more to attract people with the right stuff. Without some kind of turnaround, eventually I can see them pulling out of retail and going mail order only again. Sound familiar?
  4. Really nice work! Appreciate the video too, it answered a few questions I had about it.
  5. Don't cry Johanna! This place is very valuable. I don't post too much, but I always come back to read.
  6. I've just read that Mr. Burnett has passed away. Rest in Peace. http://www.facebook....LeatherEmporium -Jeff
  7. Yup. Used to have fairies, until I got my three cats. They chased the fairies away. Now, I have to deal with three cats in the shop. I think I want my fairies back.
  8. I agree. The holster looks to be constructed in a pretty straight-forward manner and you cannot do much better than the Stohlman holster book if you want to start to learn about making them.
  9. Welcome! I'd also add that you might want to check Youtube for braiding videos, They've helped me because I learn better visually. Just make sure you search for "leather braiding" on You tube, or you'll get a million videos about hair.
  10. It's not a real news story, but that does not make it any less funny.
  11. Hey all, Not sure where to put this so I will ask it here. I am interested in making a simple checklist listing the number of back issues of the various incarnations of the Leather Crafters & Saddler's Journal. An issue list for LCSJ itself is easy (it started in '91 and had 6 issues a year) but I am stumped in trying to find a list of issues for The Craftsman, The Leather Craftsman, and Make It With Leather. There is an article list available from LCSJ, for $40 or so, but I am not interested in the topics of the articles, I just want a list of the volume numbers and and issue numbers so that I can make a checklist to see what I need and what I have and what I can trade. Anyone help? Thanks!
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