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  1. Kabob

    6" Cowboy Deluxe Leather Splitter

    I snagged mine from Tandy during last years black Friday sale. $199 definitely a indispensable tool.
  2. Kabob

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    Looks like the Juki is the1341 model and not the 341. Little newer, and parts are aplenty. So several are on there way to Bills Sewing. Hopefully I can swing the cash and pick it up shortly with out my wife making me reside in the dog house for too long.
  3. Kabob

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    OK thanks for this info shoepatcher.
  4. Kabob

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    The Juki 341 is something that is on its way to the shop. Bills Sewing Machine in Hildebrand NC. Reputable shop. Yes I can test drive the Juki. I've tried out several machines from them. I can purchase from Bills with confidence. However the Singer is about $500 less.
  5. Kabob

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    Sellers response below. That's for the Singer. They are an eBay retailer. " We are not retail, machine is in warehouse .We offer 'scheduled ' pick up Monday through Friday from 10am until 2pm.If purchased you can check machine at pick up and if you don't want you are not obligated to accept.Don't offer test drives as I have paid to have machine checked and sewn and not willing to pay for that twice.Has clutch motor . Uses 135x 17 needles and believe it will handle a 207 thread but the maximum recommended thread size is 138"
  6. OK so I've narrowed it down to Possibly two machines I can pick up a nice looking Singer 153 B8B for $1250. This machine has a piece of leather that was sewed on it from the check done by a mechanic. However they are not open to letting me or anyone sew on ANY of there machines. "We pay for a mechanic to set em up and don't want to pay that price twice.". Is there reasoning. Kinda, but not quite a deal breaker for me Local shop has access to some Juki Ls 341's that they are saying has been "rebuilt" for $1600 plus tax. Which is the most capable machine. I'm open to other suggestions. I've got a cowboy 4500 and I'm looking for something smaller for wallets and thinner goods. 138 thread top and bottom requirements, 207 capable would be nice but not required. My thoughts are cylinder bag with a flatbed attachment for the versatility and two for one, (if you will) functionality.
  7. Kabob

    Singer 153b8b

    What's gonna be the max presser foot lift? The price is $1295 clutch motor and a new table. I'm thinking I can talk him down to $1100, not sure yet about that. Is this a good machine for my needs. Will it do bags and other items with authority? Or am I better off to go with a juki 341? I looked at a Typical GC2605 ($1500)and the max stick length is advertised as. 6mm and my local shop couldn't get that out of there demo unit.
  8. Kabob

    Singer 153b8b

    I'm eyeballing this machine for my needs. Is this a predecessor to the 227 consew? Or is it a bit bigger?(277) Does anyone know the max thread size? Max stick length? Max thickness? I've got a cowboy 4500 and I'm looking for a cylinder machine for wallets and bags. I'd like to be able to run 207 thread as the max. Thanks Bob Wright.
  9. Kabob

    Consew 227R

    Do you still have the Consew 227R?
  10. Kabob

    neatsfoot oil

    Neatsfool oil will congeal when cool. It will turn white. It can pour really slowly or not at all depending on the temperature. Bring it up to room temperature and see if it turns back to a yellowish color
  11. Matt S Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the Cobra machines and I just couldn't justify the price. The cowboy equivalent is much more affordable unless I'm missing something as far as the Cobra line-up goes.
  12. So I'm looking at a 45K25 treadle. I'll be my first machine. I like the big thread capacity and It will sew what looked like 1" of leather. It's been used but it doesn't look abused. Missing some paint (cosmetic) I love the idea of controlling the machine with either hand or foot power. $1000 bucks compared to laying down close to $2500 +/-with shipping for something similar. I mainly do belts, holsters and knife sheaths. Plus the occasional old fashioned purse. What am I getting into? How hard is it to find parts, what do I look for as far as telling if the machine is on its last legs. It looks good to me, however I don't know what to look for. All help is appreciated! Thanks Bob Wright