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  1. Here is a purse that I have been working on. I tooled my three Quarter horse heads on one side and a full Quarter Horse body on the other side. https://www.etsy.com...ovejoyCreations
  2. This is a Quarter horse purse that I am hand tooling. I put three different Quarter horse heads on it.
  3. Love my Tippmann Boss and the after sale service has been excellent. The Tippmann Boss is a green machine - it uses no electricity and is portable and will sew a wide variety of leathers and thicknesses and....... Wouldn't trade it.
  4. I just completed this wallet. It is going to Canada for a custom order. Just wanted to share. Comments and critiques are welcome. B
  5. If it is my coasters you are looking at on Etsy it is nice to know that people are looking at my work. BTW it takes quite a bit of time to mark off all those lines and burn them and dye the coasters and seal them. We think they are pretty cool and they do sell for us. ;-} Your coasters are really nice as well! Lovejoycreations on Etsy
  6. Very nice work! What tool do you use to get the nice round, evenly space holes for lacing? Thanks.
  7. Very nice! I really like the two different leathers on your shotgun case.
  8. These are purses and clutches I have done freelance and custom order.
  9. I used anitque tan for the background. I was not sure how that was going to turn out, but I just played with it with a damp paper towel for a bit and that's how it came out. Old trucks are lots of fun to put on a wallet or checkbook cover. I'd love to see it when you are finished Cheryl and Stephen!
  10. Absolutely beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing.
  11. CarvedOn

    Help Needed

    Hi Victoria, Have you found someone to put your grandson's name and date on your leather pouch? If not I can do it for you I think. You can email me at lovejoycreations@rocketmail.com
  12. CarvedOn

    Lovejoy Wallets

    These are wallets we have done. My wonderful husband and I do this together.
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