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    I'm a knife maker that got into leather to make sheaths. I'm finding I enjoy the leather side of things every bit as much as knife making.

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    Knife Sheaths, Handbags, Wallets, Guitar Straps, etc.
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I've recently retired after 32 years of being an electronics professor at Macomb College in Michigan.  I look at retirement not so much as an ending but a beginning to something new, and after 32 years I'm definitely ready for something new!  I've established a knife making shop to keep me occupied and a leather shop in Michigan, the idea being I'd make sheaths for the knives that I've made.  I found that I like leatherwork so much though that I've branched into making other leather goods as well. I use to do leatherwork in my youth, so its great to come back to.  I'd almost forgotten how much I'd enjoyed it.  If your in the Michigan Thumb region drop me a line as I'd like to meet other artisans that share the same interests.

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