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  1. Thanks Windy, I'm always looking for a good deal. Got some old Tandy oil based stain for a song not long ago. The old oil stain is great compared to some of the new GREEN formulas, but thats just my opinion.
  2. Totally cool. If you had 2 with a way to attach them like traditional saddle bags, that would be great for those days when you just can't get everything in one. Maybe the attaching strap could be wide with a rounded out area in the center. Then you could throw them over your shoulder and have the rounded out are to make it more comfortable on the neck. If the strap was rounded to match the neck. Wow sorry, I have a tendency to get rolling when something attacks my attention. Great work.
  3. Dude did you sew Elvis's mouth shut. Art or pun? Very cool.
  4. Thanks Tim. It's strange if I try to hard I always mess it up. If I just let it flow???? I can't explain it.
  5. Went shopping Sat and spent $1.25 on these 5 mini conchos. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  6. I wish I had scrap that good. Looks great.
  7. very cool, ca you show us the inside? How did you make the pen?
  8. Wow very cool. I have never tried anything that small. Looks great.
  9. This is my first post to show my work. I consider myself to be an amateur but trying hard. I welcome any comments or suggestions. Most of my work is wrist bands and such due to I work out of the scrap pile.
  10. I have been sitting here for some time looking at a blank screen trying to decide what to say. I could come off as a 19 year old kid, or try and keep it adult like even though I am not sure what the definition of adult is. If the new people should shut up and just read then as you all die off so does the forum. If everything was great with the original members then why do you allow new members? Sitting under a tent all day Sat and Sun is not my idea of marketing, neither is posting paper in the tack shop or grocery store. Glad you all like it, but its not for me. Seams to me that if SEO was so simple then there would be no one in business doing it and apparently charging some good money to do it. Some of your ideas of a joke are less than appealing. I came here to learn, instead the first topic I post is ridiculed, cut down and basically one member told me to shut up and mind your elders. There is a lot of people who are reading and not posting so I will exclude them and the few who posted reasonable responses. But for the rest of you,,,, you can have your forum. I don't want it. I will struggle on my own or try the guy you ran off who I think was trying to help you, but some of you cant grasp that there is a big world out there called the Internet and like TV it isn't going away. Watch the search engines, looks like the other guy has lunched one hell of an SEO attack. He is already number 1 on google and yahoo for "leather craftsman forum" and number 2 on yahoo for "leather worker forum". There is still a lot of new young people coming up in this world. Maybe they will find the other site and you can have this one!!!!! MattMatt has left the building!
  11. On my way to class checked the forum. Someone asked me to send in an item, working on my first post. I think I will stay off the Marketing section of this forum, not sure why it is here if LW in not interested in making money. We all want to learn that is why I am going to class and have read about a hundred posts. I personally want to learn how to sell I think I can develop my work and sales at the same time. I will find another resource for that, Tom gave some good ideas. Gota go.
  12. Glad there were some more posts after Billy. I felt like dad was on here. I don't want to work for corporate america for the next 50 years. I did join to learn. Grandpa taught me what he could, now I am on my own. RDB the only thing I ever sold was fundraisers door to door in school. I am going to college and plan on taking some marketing classes, but I don't think there going to teach me about forums and such. I have never owned a business and don't have the first clue about owning one. I try to not put myself in the gen X or Y or whatever you want to call us. But I do understand why some of my friends act the way they do. I have been amazed at what I have seen on this forum and the talent that is out there. Even though I have grandpas saddle and some of his tools I can see a different leather world besides the one he grew up in. Maybe there is room for us new people.
  13. Tom this is all cool. Other dudes have told me basically the same thing. But I have seen more than one post from Johanna (!!!! please don't get mad at me!!!!) saying this site sells. I believe that if your a member. But if your not a member then I guess I default to what you stated Tom. I won't misrepresent my self, I give stuff to good friends because I think my stuff is still crappy. They sometimes give me some money but that just covers material. I liked the idea of using other forums to try and sell when I am ready, that idea didn't seam to go over so well here. I tried to PM the dude that posted that stuff to get clarification, he seams to be gone. Tom I put your post in my notes so I can refer to it some day. Does anyone else have any other ideas?
  14. Thats cool. Something I don't understand. People I hang with like some of the leather stuff I have played around with. If I ever get good enough how will they find my work. The only thing they want is the bracelet, they don't want to read a leather forum to find it. I did see the sales area but it's not broken into categories or published as a web page it is still a forum. Did I not look in the correct area? I just know the people my age are not going to get on a forum unless they are interested in the topic. Sorry not trying to offend just trying to understand.
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