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  1. excellent work what did you use for the spring clip
  2. would like to have access to adult section, thanks Name: bennie UserName: coldmaker0 IP Address: Email Address: bennie.barnett@myrhinomail.com
  3. look similar to the tool to do the mortar joint s on brick
  4. janel i live in marlow and know of no guild in oklahoma
  5. excellent job,love the two tone color,would like to have seen the holster two tone also
  6. rusty, looks good to me, someday i will try tooling something and hope to do as well. what little tooling i do is a basketweave on a holster.
  7. shorts, i rivet the clip with 1 rivet and sew a leather sleeve around clip,tee nut on bottom and line 24 snap on top. that way you can tighten screw to tee nut and undo snap for tuckable carry. tee nut and screw should be able to be tightened enough so holster will not spin and you can wear it tuckable and untuckable do not forget to add a leather spacer on tee nut side so you will a gap for tuckable carry
  8. i have the one from neels works good for me
  9. nice looking holster,sewing will get better with practice,i use the square shaped sewing punch from tandy for my holes
  10. angel, could you be more specific ruger,S&W keltec or whatbrand, barrel length. to me 9mm short is a .380
  11. tandy sell another clip that has a wider space than the one you show. it should work for your purposes
  12. here is one of my latest holsters, comments welcome, first time to braid pic did not post try again another pic
  13. welcome okie where in oklahoma do you live. I live in the marlow, duncan area
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