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  1. canonitr

    bad finishing edges

    isnt the black stuff kiwi shoe polish ?
  2. canonitr


    you sure it's carved? looks printed! the details are amazing!
  3. canonitr

    Storing leather in small space

    space is at a premium in Singapore, so we build upwards.. when i didnt have the rack, i had stuff all over the place.. the rack was to accommodate my fishing and leather working stuff.. it seems the leather stuff pretty much filled up the rack.. i dont lay them flat.. it's rolled up(have been advised that its better to store in this way to keep fibers tight (??)) the widest hide i have is maybe 4 1/2 ft wide, so it sits okay on the rack. have about 6-7 rolls of full/ half hides
  4. canonitr

    Storing leather in small space

    i got a 4 tier, 4ft long, 6ft high boltless rack to store my hobby stuff, and 1 tier is dedicated to laying the leather horizontally..
  5. canonitr

    Not gay, but I'm seriously into leather ;P

    i bought small pieces (20 x 30 cm) of crazy horse for about $6 (SGD) each .. waiting to receive as I accidentally chose sea freight from China.. now most of my hardware (not tools) come from wuta.. @BR79compare goodsjapan's pricing to .. both are from japan .. have similar stuff.. but pricing differs as goodsjapan seem to factor in shipping into their pricing already, whereas LCT doesnt, and allows you to choose EMS or normal at the end
  6. i like my crimsons.., not sure if they are chisels or irons, though crimson calls it irons..
  7. canonitr

    WIP - Batik lined tote

    Taped the fabric to the grain side and did a mock up for the wife to see and comment..
  8. @bikermutt07 i like your signature .. similar to what my wife says about me ... spend 1 grand and months to make something that could have been bought , for 20 times less.. I'm not paying 80 bucks for a belt!!! It's a strip of leather. How hard could it be? 4 years and 3 grand later.... I have a belt I can finally live with. and did i mention, I bought the item as well....
  9. I get then slant on the left, since I start on the left. With casting on the left, I get a straight stitch line at the back.. without casting (is that the correct term), I would get slants on both sides
  10. true that! thats what i told my kids.. consistency is key here ... doesnt matter if the slant is there or not.. just need to ensure that all the stitches are the same..
  11. i gave up on the terminology and just stuck to sticking the item into the pony with the top of the slant facing towards me, and sew left handed/starting from left side (though i am right handed) towards myself, with casting on the left side. if using reverse irons, then i change it to the right side..
  12. i wanted something like that originally, but have no access to woodworking tools or equipments.. else, i would prolly want a horse rather than pony.. for this one, i paid less than SGD40 with shipping, for 2 units (my kids) from Wuta as well .. again, during 11.11 sale..
  13. i just got the exact same one from Wuta... ordered during their 11.11 sale on Taobao
  14. canonitr

    How is this for a start?

    i do it the way i think it's done by Nigel .. the upper part of the slant is point up towards me .... and i go in left first , tighten the left needle with a loop left behind (which is now on the opposite side), and the right needle goes in front of it, towards the the top of the slant .. once in, the loop formed by the left needle drops over the right (casting?)... thats what i showed my kids.. if the holes were punched on the right side, then i do right needle in first and reverse the loop .. whichever the case, i told them they need to be consistent .. it doesnt need to be done this way .. just that which ever way they did it, they have to do it all the way to the end.. no rights or no wrongs..