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  1. All items from this thread are sold... can a mod please delete this post?
  2. Thanks guys! I think I'll skip the oil can I linked earlier... I think the spout will be much too big... instead I'll go with precision bottles like the ones chrisash mentioned.
  3. Oh ok thanks! As for actually oiling the machine... just a few drops in each hole/point? Lastly, can I use something like this to apply the oil? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004YK76/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_2wZbDb15AAQ0A 
  4. Hi there! I just got a (new to me) Adler 167 GK 373. This is my first machine ever and I'm really excited to start using it... One thing I wasn't sure on was if there is a particular oil I need for this machine? I found some documentation online for the machine and all it says is to use oil with viscosity at 20 degrees Celsius = cSt: 193,0 and viscosity at 50 degrees Celsius = cSt: 41,0 and a flash point of 224. From what I have gathered around here, most people are recommending Lilly White sewing machine oil but I haven't been able to find any specs on it... would that be ok for the machine? Also, having never owned or used an industrial machine before, how often do you recommend oiling and how much? Once a month and a drop or two of oil at each of the points on the diagram? Lastly, for reference I have attached the "directions for use" document to this thread... (was only able to upload the English pages because of file size limitations) Thanks! Adler 67 Directions for Use.pdf
  5. I know this is an old post but was wondering the same... Anyone know if a flip down edge guide can be put on to the 167?
  6. Oops! Forgot to post price for those... Crimson Hides full set of irons is $170.
  7. Irons and tools for sale KS Blade 3.38 (euro) 2/9 - $136 KS Blade 3.85 (diamond) 2/5/10- $232 Sinabroks 3.85 (Round Dent) 2/5/10 - $232 leathercrafttools diamond irons 5mm (2/6) / 4mm (1/2/3/4/6) / 3.5mm (2/6) - $40 Vergez Blanchard Filleteuse (bought from RMLS) - $40 Springfield Leather 3/8" Alphabet Open Face Set - $12 All prices above are net to me via PayPal Gift or Apple Pay or Venmo... Prices above do not include shipping. Shipping will be quoted as requested but for reference should be around $8 for a small flat rate box in US. Outside of US will probably be around $25-40 depending on location. Please e-mail me at tangfj@gmail.com if interested.
  8. If you ever split them up I'd be interested in the 3mm set...
  9. That video was great! I'm sure a lot of those tools and molds are really expensive but maybe there are cheaper alternatives? I especially liked the one they used to cut out the buckle end of the strap.
  10. Hoping someone can help me track down a die similar to the one Hermes uses in this video You can see the die at around the 5:40 mark... I've attached a few pics I've been able to find of it as well as a screen capture from the video itself... I've seen watch strap dies but nothing quite like this one... The way they do it, they do all their construction of the strap first... gluing everything together/etc and then they cut it out using the die. It also looks like the die has some sort of guide built in to it so they can line up the piece of leather before cutting as shown in the picture attached. I feel like this is a much cleaner process than cutting and then gluing... anyway, if you know where a die like this can be had, let me know!! Thanks!
  11. Thanks! What are some good resources for sourcing thread in a variety of colors? I might not be looking in the right places since most places I'm looking only have 69 and 138 but no 92.
  12. About to pull the trigger on the class 26 + flatbed conversion and edge guide... Question on thread... Is 69 bonded nylon thread suitable for wallets and small goods or should I look for 92 or 138? SLC seems to only offer 69 and 138... Or is there another type of thread other than bonded nylon that I should look for? Thanks!
  13. Good point! Better pay the extra $$ and get one from a reputable dealer in the US. Right now I'm between a few different machines... all look similar but the cowboy in particular looks like it has a safety cover over the knife for protection... might be a good thing to have on such a sharp knife! Cowboy - http://www.solar-leather.com/cb801-bottom-feed-bell-knife-skiver Cobra - https://www.springfieldleather.com/Bell-Knife-Skiver Consew - https://goldstartool.com/consew-dcs-s4-skiving-machine-w-table-and-servo-motor.html Anyone used a Cowboy before and can comment on whether or not the safety cover makes a difference?
  14. I was thinking of getting a Consew.... in particular this one: https://goldstartool.com/consew-dcs-s4-skiving-machine-w-table-and-servo-motor.html I think that's pretty hard to beat with $0.99 shipping right?
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