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  1. Question, how do you line them up after your pre-punch both side separatly which result in an "X". if you pre-punch them a little off your marking then it is ruined since it is two separately piece. Or that "X" doesn't have to match perfectly when glue together?
  2. Now, you mention it! Oh yeah! my knot is at they eye of needle. I see, this knot at needle eye widen stitching hole after my needle went through to it. I run my thread through the needle eyelet, run my thread around needle body three time and pierce my thread(only once) with needle point. Then pull the back of thread and form the knot around eye of needle, this lock my thread to needle. Thats it. Oh, I use Vinyl MBT size 8 thread. I am searching for .35 thread to try but I found none in US. I see you mentioned a couple of times that you use Meisi 30 thread. For .35m size I can only find places that ship from Hong Kong and China. How long does it take for your to get your Meisi?
  3. A needle question, I have been using John James size 4 needles for 10SPI and feel that a smaller size might work better. I see KevinLee has 2 smaller sizes needles, have you tried these? or Do you have opinion on this?
  4. How do you like Sinabroks? Do you have KS to compare it with? Do you feel the teeth is too wide fo small goods? 2.2mm right?
  5. Honestly, I think these are good for the price. It is sharp, going through leather is smooth. I just tested it out, take a look. Two layers of Wickett & Craig Bridle, about 3-4 oz, with Vinyl MBT .45 and .55. Top is .45, middle is .55 and bottom is .45mm. BUT! I wish the teeth were longer with less taper going up, that might not be possible though.
  6. Here, I took a pic for you. I would say its around 1.6 to 1.7mm. Height is about 10mm and at 10mm the width is bout 2-2.1mm. I am curious if he can make it a same width from end to end.
  7. Ya, from Kevin Lee. I too thought shipping would take weeks from China but no. The return address was from California.
  8. lol, me too. I actually gave up last week and just got ,3mm 2 and 8, them in the mail. Looking at the shipping package, KL is shipping from California.
  9. Your Beagle set looks good! The teeth are long and slim! How long are those teeth? and does it taper up?
  10. Legoin, did you end up buying it?
  11. Adverse, are you looking for diamond iron? Its a bit weird though because I don't see Kevin Lee having an 9 tooth option on their irons. Maybe its a custom?
  12. I am interested in your Palsoanto Knife and Kevin Lee irons. Do you have pictures?
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