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  1. I thought he might be able to use one if he was close by.
  2. I have two tables that 111w155 machines came from. i am in North Carolina.
  3. Where are you located?
  4. DSloop

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    I can make the bottom shaft, If I still had access to a lathe I could make the upper also.
  5. DSloop

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    Does that include shipping?
  6. DSloop

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    How much for them?
  7. Look on Craigslist and similar sites for free leather furniture, A leather sofa has many square yards of goods.
  8. I need both the upper and lower shafts for a 111 w 155, as I caused my newest machine to fall from my truck and broke them. Duh. I have looked,to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
  9. DSloop

    Servo motor quit? Why?

    First servo motor (500 watt) I bought lasted a month. It just would not run, have no idea what happened. The next one was a Consew 750 watt unit, it is bigger and has worked flawlessly.
  10. DSloop

    I need clicker help

    It is not cycling properly, the pump does not change pitch as it is under no load, the signal is not getting to the relay that controls the stroke. if the pump was under load it could be heard as in the hydronic press video. First thing to do is change the oil.
  11. DSloop

    I need clicker help

    Does it have an inline filter? If so, remove the line going into the filter and pump the oil into a container. The gear pump will pick up and push most of the oil out of the system. Then refill the reservoir and test the system. If no filter, just remove the line that feeds the hydraulic cylinder and let it pump into a container. Same operation, different method. NOTE- the oil will come out with great force, be careful.
  12. DSloop

    Looking for a 111w155 or equivalent (NYC)

    I am near Gastonia, but someone is coming to look at the machine Monday. This is not a large bobbin machine. What is wrong with your 154? What parts do you need?
  13. DSloop

    Looking for a 111w155 or equivalent (NYC)

    I have one in North Carolina, $300.00 plus shipping. Tables can be found many places, of course you need a servo motor- $125.00 Consew models, from amazon. These heads weigh about 60 pounds, you can calculate shipping, I will crate it.
  14. DSloop

    Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    That does not need to be adjusted unless you go from a large diameter thread to a very small one. Usually. Top thread tension seems to regulate the bobbin thread tension good enough.
  15. DSloop

    Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Mine looks like crap now. Too bad I don't have a machine shop.