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  1. Could the needle be getting hot and making the thread stick to it instead of being caught by the bobbin hook?
  2. Does it have a servo motor, or the clutch type? I have sold several 111w155's for $300.00 with the clutch motor, I put them in my table that has a servo motor and let the buyer try them out. They always want to know where to get the Consew motors, as they are easier to use at low speed.
  3. Keep looking. I found a 111w154 head on Craigslist for $80.00, offered 40 and got it, seller also gave me a nice servo motor to go with it. I cleaned it lubed it up, checked the timing and put it in a table. Sews like a champ....
  4. He just wanted something to keep the roos and koalas from chewing the bags off.
  5. Have you checked the thread guides to see if any of them have excessive wear where the thread has run thru them? I have a 95-10 that shredded the thread, made all new guides from stainless steel rod and it cured that problem.
  6. I thought he might be able to use one if he was close by.
  7. I have two tables that 111w155 machines came from. i am in North Carolina.
  8. I can make the bottom shaft, If I still had access to a lathe I could make the upper also.
  9. Look on Craigslist and similar sites for free leather furniture, A leather sofa has many square yards of goods.
  10. I need both the upper and lower shafts for a 111 w 155, as I caused my newest machine to fall from my truck and broke them. Duh. I have looked,to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
  11. First servo motor (500 watt) I bought lasted a month. It just would not run, have no idea what happened. The next one was a Consew 750 watt unit, it is bigger and has worked flawlessly.
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