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  1. daonewiz

    Finally done! Carved dog collar

    Very Nice. newbie question. Is the background dyed or antiqued ?
  2. daonewiz

    My first medium size project

    it is the Tandy phoenix clutch purse. working on the lacing now. Thanks for the advise all.
  3. daonewiz

    Hi from Sun City Az

    Name is Wayne and I am a hobby retread. I did leatherwork about 35 years ago and just got back into it in May 2019. Remember some, relearning most.
  4. daonewiz

    Finally did a belt.

    Very Nice!
  5. daonewiz

    My first medium size project

    Hi. My name is Wayne and this is my first completed small project and the first use of antique. Any criticisms are much appreciated.