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  1. That is super helpful. The machine was described as "functional" on ebay I'm sure I can get a complete refund, but I may offer the seller a compromise. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I found the Landis instructions on the web and printed them out. The seller is being difficult but I used Ebay and they usually intervene... It's a shame!
  3. I have two questions that I hope the forum can help with. First, I bought the American leather splitter on Ebay and the seller listed it as working - it isn't. The mechanism at the top that creates downward tension on roller that feeds leather and should be adjustable by hand, is partially broken and partially missing. I've found a thread here that says its a comon problem. Is there a place to get replacement or a manual? I've asked the seller for a solution and they are not being helpful. I've requested a refund, as this is just not good business. I hate to do this to them, I'm sure they are just trying to make extra money, but I have an unusable piece of machinery. I can probably get a local machinist to make something for me, but I'm wondering what a fair value would be for the machine as is? I'd like to be a nice guy (girl actually). Really appreciate any input!! Jennifer Remember: Always pillage before burning.
  4. Hi LJC: Is this machine still available? I will be in Denver in 2 weeks and am very interested... Thanks!
  5. I found some small buckles at Strapworks and Ohio Travel Bag... the watchband idea is a really good one too.
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